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qaaruura milaanaa

qaaruura milnaa

to be in harmony with, be great friends, be of the same nature as another person

qaaruura la.Dnaa


round-bottomed flask or bottle

qaaruura aamez honaa

ka.Diyaa.n milaanaa

jo.Daa milaanaa

gha.Dii milaanaa

to correct the time in one's watch by matching it with someone else's watch

roka.D milaanaa

jo.D milaanaa

la.D milaanaa

establish relations, unite (with), be friends, form friendship (with)

Daa.Dhaa milaanaa

qaaruura me.n bhaale nazar aanaa

nazre.n milaanaa

aavaaz milaanaa

paa.nv milaanaa

kaaGaz milaanaa

tallying accounts

paivand milaanaa


adjoin, affix

qadam milaanaa

mu.nh milaanaa

raddaa milaanaa

pallav milaanaa

kankavvaa milaanaa

qaafiya milaanaa

mushtarii milaanaa

palval milaanaa

shajre milaanaa

bidh milaanaa

chitvan milaanaa

diin me.n milaanaa

convert to one's faith milaanaa

vie with another kite

cho.nch milaanaa

bill and coo

mu.nh milaanaa

zabaan milaanaa

parde milaanaa

(in music) to match a note

nazar milaanaa

look one full in the face, eyes to meet, come face to face

saaz milaanaa

zaTal qaafiye milaanaa

to talk nonsense

nigaah milaanaa

look (someone) full in the face, meet the gaze of

tah milaanaa

nigah milaanaa

raqam milaanaa


zaat me.n milaanaa

rishta milaanaa

shajara milaanaa

aavaaz me.n aavaaz milaanaa

sing along with someone

ka.Dii se ka.Dii milaanaa

join the dots, establish the linkage, discover the clues

nigaahe.n milaanaa milaanaa


concur with, agree with

muqaabala milaanaa

tabii'at milaanaa

saa.nTh milaanaa

Daa.nDaa milaanaa

aa.nkh milaanaa

meet someone's gaze, look someone in the face

Daa.nDe milaanaa

bring together, (of two or twin) meet, become adjacent to each other, merge into one another

maz.hab me.n milaanaa

kannii milaanaa

Meaning of qaaruura milaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

qaaruura milaanaa

क़ारूरा मिलानाقارُورَہ مِلانا

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क़ारूरा मिलाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मेल-जोल पैदा करना

قارُورَہ مِلانا کے اردو معانی


  • میل جول پیدا کرنا.

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