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qaaruura la.Dnaa


round-bottomed flask or bottle

qaaruura milnaa

to be in harmony with, be great friends, be of the same nature as another person

qaaruura milaanaa

qaaruura aamez honaa


fight, quarrel, wrangle, squabble, collide with, meet (eyes), coincide (thought, etc.),

qaaruura me.n bhaale nazar aanaa

la.Daa.ii la.Dnaa

fight a battle or war

phakka.D la.Dnaa

talking nonsense, to abuse

la.Dnaa bhi.Dnaa

paka.D la.Dnaa

thap.Dii la.Dnaa

akhaa.Daa la.Dnaa

muqaddama la.Dnaa

muqaddar la.Dnaa

aavaaz la.Dnaa

KHurshid la.Dnaa

nazre.n la.Dnaa

da.ngal la.Dnaa

fight a wrestling contest

dimaaG la.Dnaa

taqdiir la.Dnaa

kankavvaa la.Dnaa

yuddh la.Dnaa

Takkare.n la.Dnaa

chhii.nTe la.Dnaa

qaafiya la.Dnaa

chhii.nTe.n la.Dnaa

chashm la.Dnaa

nazar la.Dnaa

eyes to meet, come across, exchange amorous glances with someone, fall in love

baazii la.Dnaa

qismat la.Dnaa

(luck) to favour, be lucky or fortunate (in a venture)

chunaav la.Dnaa

kushtii la.Dnaa

voT la.Dnaa

maqsuum la.Dnaa

dhyaan la.Dnaa

mazmuun la.Dnaa

tadbiir la.Dnaa

murG la.Dnaa

chitvan la.Dnaa

zabaan la.Dnaa

maidaan la.Dnaa

kaTaariyaa.n la.Dnaa la.Dnaa

misra' la.Dnaa la.Dnaa

nigaahe.n la.Dnaa

nigaah la.Dnaa

mantiqaana la.Dnaa

zehn la.Dnaa

(of mind) be tried hard

diida la.Dnaa

she'r la.Dnaa

qil'a la.Dnaa

aa.nkh la.Dnaa

exchange love glances, fall in love with

ghuu.nso.n la.Dnaa

kaa.nTaa la.Dnaa

Takkar la.Dnaa

sippaa la.Dnaa

tukkal la.Dnaa

chhuuT la.Dnaa

fight several people simultaneously

Meaning of qaaruura la.Dnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

qaaruura la.Dnaa

क़ारूरा लड़नाقارُورَہ لَڑْنا

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See meaning: qaaruura milnaa

क़ारूरा लड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • रुक : क़ारूरा मिलना

قارُورَہ لَڑْنا کے اردو معانی


  • رک : قارورہ ملنا.

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