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peshaanii me.n likhaa honaa

peshaanii me.n daaG honaa

to be marked prostration on the forehead

muqaddar me.n likhaa honaa

destiny is happen what is written

taqdiir me.n likhaa honaa

peshaanii kaa likhaa pesh aanaa

taali' me.n likhaa honaa

qismat me.n likhaa honaa

sar navisht me.n likhaa honaa

peshaanii me.n tahriir honaa

nasiibo.n me.n likhaa honaa

karm me.n likhaa honaa

to be written in destiny

nasiib me.n likhaa honaa

peshaanii me.n bal pa.Dnaa

expresses the sadness from facial expressions

muqaddar me.n likhaa jaanaa

peshaanii me.n tahriir farmaanaa

peshaanii raushan honaa

man's good character is reflected in his face, (of a virtuous person) have a bright face

peshaanii par likha hona


mu.nh par likhaa honaa

be obvious by someone's looks or face

peshaanii par raqam honaa

God's will, divine destiny

mu.nh pe likhaa honaa

mu.nh par likhaa honaa

taqdiir kaa likhaa puuraa honaa

vauhii hogaa jo qismat me.n likhaa hai

kaun se qur.aan me.n likhaa hai

dil par likhaa honaa

naaKHuno.n par likhaa honaa

naaKHuuno.n par likhaa honaa

Dev.Dhaa lekhaa baraabar honaa

qismat kaa likhaa puuraa honaa

kis kitaab me.n likhaa hai

on what authority?

lekhaa Dyo.Dhaa baraabar honaa

naam likhaa honaa

likhaa puuraa honaa

destiny to be fulfilled, suffer what fate has ordained

byaah me.n biich kaa lekhaa

jitnaa karm me.n likhaa hai utnaa milegaa

paanii par likhaa honaa

chehre par likhaa honaa

naaKHun par likhaa honaa

khulii peshaanii se maan jaanaa

to admit with gleefully

maathe ke biich likhaa honaa

nasiib kaa likhaa puuraa honaa

peshaanii raga.Dnaa

to rub the forehead (on the ground), to supplicate, implore humbly (of the Deity, or a saint, or a king), flatter

lekhaa honaa

darvaaze kii peshaanii

the above part of the door

au.ndhii peshaanii vaalaa


educated, learned


inauspicious, ill-starred, unlucky

peshaanii par shikan pa.Dnaa

to be hurt, expression of sorrow and pain on the face



peshaanii dharnaa

to rub the forehead (on the ground)

au.ndhii peshaanii kaa

peshaanii par bal pa.Dnaa

muqaddar kaa likhaa

the writer of destiny i.e. God

lekhaa mol baraabar honaa

tho.Daa likhaa bahut jaan.naa


a type of horse whose forehead little higher than normal and which looking awkward, (it is considered as malicious and a symbol of bad omen)


a kind of horse who's forehead is much higher than normal and he is considered inauspicious


wide forehead

peshaanii par daaG lagaanaa

lose one's good looks

peshaanii bichhaanaa

(Metaphorically) to do respect and honored highly

Meaning ofSee meaning peshaanii me.n likhaa honaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

peshaanii me.n likhaa honaa

पेशानी में लिखा होनाپِیشانی میں لِکھا ہونا


पेशानी में लिखा होना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • भाग्य में होना, क़िस्मत में होना

پِیشانی میں لِکھا ہونا کے اردو معانی

  • قسمت میں ہونا، نوشتۂ تقدیر ہونا

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peshaanii me.n likhaa honaa

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