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paraa.ii kyaa pa.Dii

mind your own business, it's none of your business

paraa.ii kyaa pa.Dii hai

tujh ko paraa.ii kyaa pa.Dii apnii nabe.D tuu

mind thine own business, do not poke thy nose into the others' affairs, why are you concerned with others/ others' affairs?

kyaa piddii , kyaa piddii kaa shorbaa

kyaa pa.Dii hai

kyaa jaldii pa.Dii hai

kisii ko kyaa pa.Dii hai

tale pa.Dii mol kaa kyaa

tujhe aur kii kyaa pa.Dii , apnii sambhaal

kuu.e me.n pa.Dii

kyaa piddii, kyaa piddii kaa pulaav

kyaa pa.Daa paayaa

u.Dii pa.Dii

emergency need, difficulties

u.Dii pa.Dii

(of news) unreliable, false, hearsay


lying, rested, stayed, had

mu.nh pa.Dii

talk of the town

kyaa paTaak pa.De the

kyaa mai.n terii paTTii ke niiche paidaa hu.ii huu.n

mu.nh pa.Dii aur hu.ii paraa.ii baat

pa.Dii hu.ii aavaaz

pa.Dii hu.ii aavaaz

hoarse voice

a.Dyaa pa.Dii rahnaa

to starve, have nothing to eat

pa.Dii hu.ii chiiz

something found by chance

pa.Dii ke gavaah

pa.Dii karnaa

stay, stop, encamp

pe.Duu kii aa.nch phir kyaa saat paa.nch

chikne gha.De par buu.nd pa.Dii aur phisal pa.Dii

be darad qasaa.ii kyaa jaane piir paraa.ii

roTii pa.Dii mu.nh me.n zaat pa.Dii guh me.n


saar paraa.ii pii.D kii kyaa jaane anjaan

pa.Dii hai

to have a desire, be very keen, be eager

kaano.n pa.Dii baat

zamiin pa.Dii rakhnaa

chaadar-e-Gaflat pa.Dii honaa

'umr pa.Dii hai

an entire lifetime is there!

ruuh pa.Dii honaa

qayaamat pa.Dii honaa

zaruurat pa.Dii rahnaa

to be in a state of need

kuu.e.n me.n pa.Dii

gaa.nv me.n pa.Dii marii , apnii apnii sab ko pa.Dii






insignificant, inconsequential, negligible


zaat pa.Dii khoh me.n aur roTii pa.Dii mu.nh me.n

qadmo.n se pa.Dii rahnaa

nahaa.ii dho.ii phisal pa.Dii

TuuTii kaa kyaa jo.Dnaa gaa.nTh pa.De aur na rahe

mayyat pa.Dii honaa


juutii ko Garaz pa.Dii

maarii-maarii pa.Dii phirnaa

dhobii ke ghar pa.Daa chor, vo kyaa luTe aur

aa.ii ga.ii paar pa.Dii

what happened has happened, bygones be bygones

jis ke paa.nv na bavaa.ii vo kyaa jaane pii.D paraa.ii

jaisii pa.Dii vaisii sahii

jis ke paa.nv na bavaa.ii vo kyaa jaane piir paraa.ii

Meaning ofSee meaning paraa.ii kyaa pa.Dii in English, Hindi & Urdu

paraa.ii kyaa pa.Dii

पराई क्या पड़ीپرائی کیا پڑی


Root word: paraa.ii

English meaning of paraa.ii kyaa pa.Dii


  • mind your own business, it's none of your business

Sher Examples

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पराई क्या पड़ी के हिंदी अर्थ


  • (पेशर अपनी निबेड़ या नबीड़ो के साथ) दूसरे की फ़िक्र किया है, ग़ैर के मुआमलात से किया बेहस है

پرائی کیا پڑی کے اردو معانی


  • (پیشر اپنی نبیڑ یا نبیڑو کے ساتھ) دوسرے کی فکر کیا ہے ، غیر کے معاملات سے کیا بحث ہے.

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paraa.ii kyaa pa.Dii

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