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pag.Dii rakhnaa

pag.Dii kii sharm rakhnaa

pag.Dii pairo.n par rakhnaa

place one's turban at the feet of another as a token of submission or supplication

pag.Dii pher kar rakhnaa

back out of one's word

pag.Dii thaam kar dekhnaa

pag.Dii ba.ndhvaanaa

pag.Dii ba.ndhnaa

be presented with a turban as a token of honour


a mark or token of distinction and dignity

pag.Dii baa.ndhnaa

enthrone, to crown,install as a substitute or successor, put on a turban

chuu.Dii-daar pag.Dii

pag.Dii badalnaa

exchange turbans as a sign of brotherly relations

pag.Dii sa.nbhaalnaa

save one's honour

chhajje-daar pag.Dii

bal-daar pag.Dii

pag.Dii uchhaalnaa

disgrace, defame

pag.Dii uchhalnaa

to suffer the humiliation, to feel embarrassment, to be humiliated and ashamed



faziilat kii pag.Dii

pag.Dii uchhaal denaa

pag.Dii phernaa

pag.Dii aTkaanaa

claim equality

pag.Dii utarnaa

to be disgraced

pag.Dii ulajhnaa

compete, fight

pag.Dii bachaanaa

pag.Dii utaarnaa

deceive, plunder

pag.Dii aTaknaa


pag.Dii chapaTnaa

cheat, swindle

pag.Dii uljhaanaa

pag.Dii sajnaa

charaaG gul, pag.Dii Gaa.ib

sar-e-shaam pag.Dii Gaa.ib

pag.Dii paTkaa denaa

laal pag.Dii vaalaa

faziilat kii pag.Dii baa.ndhnaa

muusalii pag.Dii



jis pag.Dii me.n ho na chillaa pag.Dii nahii.n vo phe.nTii hai

haaraa juvaarii pag.Dii rakhe



pag.Dii utar jaanaa

pag.Dii kaa pech

pag.Dii utaar lenaa

pag.Dii aTak jaanaa

pag.Dii pher lenaa

pag.Dii bhiitar rakh

pag.Dii kaa bitaana

dono.n haatho.n se pag.Dii thaamnaa

pag.Dii dono.n haatho.n se thaamnaa

to protect one's honour

pag.Dii inkii hai


ahmad kii pag.Dii mahmuud ke sar

act disorderly or unlawfully

haamid kii pag.Dii mahmuud ke sar

pag.Dii me.n phuul rakhaa gayaa

pag.Dii rakh ghii chakh

pag.Dii rakh ghii khaa

sattar gaz kii pag.Dii sar na.ngaa

pag.Dii kii 'izzat KHudaa ke haath hai

only God can protect one's honour

Meaning ofSee meaning pag.Dii rakhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

pag.Dii rakhnaa

पगड़ी रखनाپَگْڑی رَکْھنا


Root word: pag.Dii

पगड़ी रखना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • पगड़ी सर पर पहनना
  • सम्मान एवं लाज बचाना, सम्मान बनाए रखना
  • मिन्नत-समाजत करना
  • सरदार या क़ाइद मानना, श्रेष्ठता स्वीकार करना
  • मर्द बनना, मर्दों के काम करना
  • चापलूसी करना

پَگْڑی رَکْھنا کے اردو معانی

  • پگڑی سر پر پہننا
  • عزت و آبرو بچانا، عزت بنائے رکھنا
  • عجز کرنا، منت کرنا
  • سردار یا قائد ماننا، فضیلت کا اعتراف کرنا
  • مرد بننا، مردوں کے کام کرنا
  • خوشامد کرنا

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pag.Dii rakhnaa

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