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paa.nv ba.Dhaanaa

to take the lead, go ahead, to overstep, exceed bounds, to desist from one's former courses

paa.nv aage ba.Dhaanaa

paa.nv ba.Dhnaa

paa.nv ba.Dhnaa

paa.nv baa.ndhnaa

paa.nv se paa.nv baa.ndhnaa

keep in close arrest

paa.nv se paa.nv baa.ndhnaa

haath paa.nv ba.ndhnaa

haath paa.nv baa.ndhnaa

paa.nv aage ba.Dhnaa

paa.nv me.n billii ba.ndhnaa

wander about

paa.nv me.n billii ba.ndhnaa

la.Daa.ii ba.Dhaanaa

put a stop to fighting

chuu.Diyaa.n ba.Dhaanaa

chha.De ba.Dhaanaa

be.Dii ba.Dhaanaa

Daa.Dhii ba.Dhaanaa

kap.De ba.Dhaanaa

gho.Daa ba.Dhaanaa

urge horse

jo.Daa ba.Dhaanaa

to take off a suit of clothes, disrobe

raa.D ba.Dhaanaa

to increase strife or a feud, to foment a quarrel

jhag.Daa ba.Dhaanaa

jhonp.Daa ba.Dhaanaa

zulfe.n ba.Dhaanaa

zevar ba.Dhaanaa

take off one's jewellery, (Often eastern women take off their jewelry to express sorrow and grief on the death of their husband)

qadam ba.Dhaanaa

to cross the own limits, the put steps out from limits, to exploit

qad ba.Dhaanaa

vaqaar ba.Dhaanaa

aavaaz ba.Dhaanaa

paa.nv ke a.nguuThe ba.ndhnaa

naqsh ba.Dhaanaa

qalame.n ba.Dhaanaa

mashq ba.Dhaanaa

developing expertise in a task

dastarKHvaan ba.Dhaanaa

clear the table, bring a meal to an end, remove the tablecloth

shauq ba.Dhaanaa

'adaalat ba.Dhaanaa

sham' ba.Dhaanaa

'izzat ba.Dhaanaa

mii'aad ba.Dhaanaa

extend the period, prolong the duration

mu.nh ba.Dhaanaa


increase, enlarge, grow, expand

paa.nv ke a.nguuThe ba.ndhnaa

paa.nv ke a.nguuThe baa.ndhnaa

kankavvaa ba.Dhaanaa

qissa ba.Dhaanaa

mannate.n ba.Dhaanaa

tauq ba.Dhaanaa

dil ba.Dhaanaa

give (one) heart, encourage

bhaav ba.Dhaanaa

raise the price or value

Gubaar ba.Dhaanaa

aarzuu ba.Dhaanaa

mizaaj ba.Dhaanaa

duudh ba.Dhaanaa

to wean (a child)

ziinat ba.Dhaanaa

zor ba.Dhaanaa

raunaq ba.Dhaanaa

baazaar ba.Dhaanaa

close down shops, close sale

diyaa ba.Dhaanaa

qiimat ba.Dhaanaa

charaaG ba.Dhaanaa

Meaning ofSee meaning paa.nv ba.Dhaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

paa.nv ba.Dhaanaa

पाँव बढ़ानाپاؤں بَڑھانا


English meaning of paa.nv ba.Dhaanaa

  • exceed bounds
  • to take the lead, go ahead, to overstep, exceed bounds, to desist from one's former courses
  • take the lead, go ahead
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पाँव बढ़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • जल्द जल्द चलना
  • आगे चलना, आगे जाना कि जगह
  • सीमा से पार होना, दख़ल बढ़ाना, अधिकार बढ़ाना,
  • पाँव आगे रखना

پاؤں بَڑھانا کے اردو معانی

  • جلد جلد چلنا
  • بڑھ کر چلنا، آگے رہنا
  • حد سے متجاوز ہونا، دخل بڑھانا، قبضہ بڑھانا
  • قدم آگے رکھنا

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paa.nv ba.Dhaanaa

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