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nazar dau.Daanaa

look all around, scan

nazre.n dau.Daanaa

nazar dau.Dnaa

gho.De dau.Daanaa

gho.Dii dau.Daanaa

gho.Daa dau.Daanaa

to make a horse gallop

gaa.Dii dau.Daanaa

'aql dau.Daanaa

think, reason, consider

andesha dau.Daanaa


cause to run

dil dau.Daanaa

dhyaan dau.Daanaa

ruuh dau.Daanaa

nigaah dau.Daanaa

qalam dau.Daanaa

zehn dau.Daanaa

qiyaas dau.Daanaa

Taa.nkaa dau.Daanaa

aa.nkh dau.Daanaa

nigaahe.n dau.Daanaa

saa.nchaa dau.Daanaa dau.Daanaa

kaaGazii gho.De dau.Daanaa

keep up active or brisk correspondence, send letters or petitions, etc.

fikr dau.Daanaa

qiyaasii gho.De dau.Daanaa

niyyat dau.Daanaa

to indulge into something

kau.Dii kos dau.Daanaa

KHayaalii gho.De dau.Daanaa

indulge in speculation, imagine, let thoughts roam

jii dau.Daanaa

gumaan dau.Daanaa

kaToraa dau.Daanaa

KHayaal dau.Daanaa

consider, think freely, let mind roam

aTkal dau.Daanaa

janaan dau.Daanaa

biir dau.Daanaa

parche dau.Daanaa

sarpaT dau.Daanaa

make (a horse) gallop

lahr dau.Daanaa

haath dau.Daanaa

to put forth the hand with rapidity, to stretch (at or after), to go beyond bounds, to commit excess, to encroach

anDe dau.Daanaa

'aql ke gho.De dau.Daanaa

exercise one's mind, think

kaaGaz ke gho.De dau.Daanaa

keep up active or brisk correspondence, send letters or petitions, etc.

tasavvur ke gho.De dau.Daanaa

havaa ke gho.De dau.Daanaa

qiyaas ke gho.De dau.Daanaa

to imagine, guess, speculate

kaaTh ke gho.De dau.Daanaa

cheat, fool, spin a yarn

nayaa KHuun dau.Daanaa

nazar se nazar la.Dnaa

nazar se nazar la.Daanaa

ghar baiThe ber dau.Daanaa

nazar me.n nazar milaanaa

meet glance with glance (after the manner of one who is not ashamed, or has nothing to fear)

nazar hii nazar me.n

nazar la.Dnaa

eyes to meet, come across

nazar gaa.Dhnaa

nazar ba.Dhnaa

eye sight to be improved

nazar jha.Dnaa

nazar ga.Dnaa

gawk at, stare, set eyes upon

nazar la.Daanaa

nazar ta.Dapnaa

nazar cha.Dhnaa

take someone's fancy

Meaning ofSee meaning nazar dau.Daanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

nazar dau.Daanaa

नज़र दौड़ानाنَظَر دَوڑانا


Root word: nazar

English meaning of nazar dau.Daanaa

Transitive verb

  • look all around, scan
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नज़र दौड़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ

सकर्मक क्रिया

  • इधर-उधर देखना, दूर तक नज़र डालना, नज़रों से तलाश करना, ढूँढना, चारों ओर देखना, दूरदर्शिता अपनाना

نَظَر دَوڑانا کے اردو معانی

فعل متعدی

  • اِدھر اُدھر دیکھنا ، دور تک نظر ڈالنا ، نظروں سے تلاش کرنا ؛ ڈھونڈنا ، جستجو کرنا ۔
  • چاروں طرف نظر رکھنا ؛ دور اندیشی اختیار کرنا
  • جائزہ لینا ، غور کرنا ، سوچنا

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nazar dau.Daanaa

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