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mohabbat uchhalnaa


pag.Dii uchhalnaa

to suffer the humiliation, to feel embarrassment, to be humiliated and ashamed

kii.Daa uchhalnaa


rejoice, joyful,

nezo.n uchhalnaa

vahshat uchhalnaa

to be mad, to be cray, to be mad with intensity

shauq uchhalnaa

KHafaqaan uchhalnaa

chaav uchhalnaa

me.nDhaa uchhalnaa

tide to be high, (of water) be billowing

dil uchhalnaa

saudaa uchhalnaa

shaitaan uchhalnaa

dastaar uchhalnaa

nabz uchhalnaa

junuu.n uchhalnaa

'amaama uchhalnaa

guuh uchhalnaa

dil balliyo.n uchhalnaa

baa.nso.n uchhalnaa

(tides of river) to rise up

roza uchhalnaa

dil haatho.n uchhalnaa

mohabbat ba.Dhaanaa

to love

mohabbat jo.Dnaa

establish a love relationship

mohabbat pak.Dnaa

to feel love or affection

mohabbat ba.Dhnaa

dil baa.nso.n uchhalnaa

do-do gaz uchhalnaa


love, affection

meDhaa uchhalnaa

naam uchhalnaa

be defamed

jigar uchhalnaa

nasiib uchhalnaa

juutaa uchhalnaa

guu uchhalnaa

Dolaa uchhalnaa

kalejaa uchhalnaa

to leap with joy, to be overjoyed, to palpitate

Topii uchhalnaa

toss the cap, to showing happiness,

juutii uchhalnaa

disgrace someone

haatho.n kalejaa uchhalnaa

gaz bhar uchhalnaa

KHuun uchhalnaa

KHabt uchhalnaa

be obsessed with someone

do-do haath uchhalnaa

paanii baa.nso.n uchhalnaa

mohabbat saa.ndna

to love

do haath uchhalnaa

become very anxious, be restless


the full of love, loving

mohabbat denaa

to do love

mohabbat me.n

in love

mu.nh-dekhii mohabbat


blemish of love, pain of separation


the one who have feeling of affection


lover, the one who is habituated to love



true love, deep love


the one who have the nature of love and affection

Duub kar uchhalnaa

tishna mohabbat

eager to be loved, lover


love and affection

Meaning of mohabbat uchhalnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

mohabbat uchhalnaa

मोहब्बत उछलनाمُحَبَّت اُچھلْنا

Critique (mohabbat uchhalnaa)





Root word: mohabbat

English meaning of mohabbat uchhalnaa


  • infatuation

मोहब्बत उछलना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • मुहब्बत का जोश मारना, प्यार उमड़ना, दोस्ती का उत्साह पैदा होना, ममता उछलना

مُحَبَّت اُچھلْنا کے اردو معانی


  • محبت کا جوش مارنا، دوستی کا ولولہ پیدا ہونا، مامتا اچھلنا

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