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mansuuba la.Daanaa

mansuuba gha.Dnaa

mansuuba biga.Dnaa

mansuuba ba.ndhnaa



plan, design, scheme, project

mansuuba Thaan.naa

mansuuba gaa.nThnaa

mansuuba ga.nThnaa

mansuuba banaanaa

to plan, to make strategy, to think, to program, design, project

mansuuba khelnaa

mansuuba Thahraanaa

mansuuba lagaanaa

mansuuba karnaa

to plan, to intend, to set an intention in heart

mansuuba pakaanaa

mansuuba chaalnaa

mansuuba tayyaar karnaa

mansuube biga.Dnaa


affray, battle, quarrel, enmity

mansuube baa.ndhnaa

mansuuba puKHta karnaa

mansuuba tark karnaa

Abandon the project

laa.D la.Daanaa

jo.D la.Daanaa

chi.Diyaa la.Daanaa

mansuube jan.naa

mansuube ban.naa

mansuube gaa.nThnaa

muqaddar la.Daanaa

muqaddama la.Daanaa

dimaaG la.Daanaa

me.nDhe la.Daanaa

to make two men fight and to see the spectacle

'aql la.Daanaa

ma.nsuuba baa.ndhnaa

plan, contrive

cho.nch la.Daanaa

have a quarrel with

baate.n la.Daanaa

me.nDhaa la.Daanaa

parvar la.Daanaa

chaaquu la.Daanaa

shapaa la.Daanaa

keep on good terms (with), secure the good offices (of)

qismat la.Daanaa

tadbiir la.Daanaa

contrive a solution

mazmuun la.Daanaa

tevar la.Daanaa

nazar la.Daanaa

zehn la.Daanaa

zubaan la.Daanaa

use abusive language, argue without reason

kanakvaa la.Daanaa

engage in a contest of flying paper-kites

qataar la.Daanaa

murG la.Daanaa

gosht la.Daanaa

nainaa.n la.Daanaa la.Daanaa

le.nDii la.Daanaa

tab' la.Daanaa la.Daanaa

nigaah la.Daanaa

ogle, cast loving or amorous glances

cho.nche.n la.Daanaa

bill and coo, arguing with each other, argument over trivial matters and small things (especially used for girls)

nigah la.Daanaa

zehn la.Daanaa

think, consider, exercise one's mental faculties

Meaning of mansuuba la.Daanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

mansuuba la.Daanaa

मंसूबा लड़ानाمَنصُوبَہ لَڑانا

Critique (mansuuba la.Daanaa)





See meaning: mansuuba khelnaa

मंसूबा लड़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • रुक : मन्सूबा खेलना

مَنصُوبَہ لَڑانا کے اردو معانی


  • رک : منصوبہ کھیلنا ۔

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