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mansuuba khelnaa

mansuuba gha.Dnaa

mansuuba biga.Dnaa

mansuuba la.Daanaa

mansuuba ba.ndhnaa



plan, design, scheme, project

mansuuba Thaan.naa

mansuuba gaa.nThnaa

mansuuba ga.nThnaa

mansuuba banaanaa

to plan, to make strategy, to think, to program, design, project

mansuuba Thahraanaa

mansuuba lagaanaa

mansuuba karnaa

to plan, to intend, to set an intention in heart

mansuuba pakaanaa

mansuuba chaalnaa

mansuuba tayyaar karnaa

mansuube biga.Dnaa

mansuube baa.ndhnaa

mansuuba puKHta karnaa

mansuuba tark karnaa

Abandon the project

hu.Dda.ngaa khelnaa

nivaa.Daa khelnaa

rowing a small boat

ge.Diyaa.n khelnaa

play with trifles

gu.Diyaa.n khelnaa

be (like) small girl

kau.Diyaa.n khelnaa

gho.Dii khelnaa

gii.Dii khelnaa

be a child, be simple or inexperienced

lak.Dii khelnaa

la.Dakpan khelnaa


act, amuse, romp

mansuube jan.naa

mansuube ban.naa

mansuube gaa.nThnaa

Gaa.ib khelnaa

ma.nsuuba baa.ndhnaa

plan, contrive

daGaa khelnaa

naqsh khelnaa

gho.Daa-gho.Daa khelnaa

ge.ndaa khelnaa

a game of girls in which they throw marigold flowers at each other

la.Dko.n me.n khelnaa

playing with boys

chhalaavaa khelnaa

dhammaal khelnaa

qadmo.n me.n khelnaa

chhiTTiyaa.n khelnaa

gaa.n.D ganjifa khelnaa

chhii.nTe khelnaa

taaq-juft khelnaa

juuvaa khelnaa

gamble, take a chance, try one's luck

shikaar khelnaa

to trap, to cheat

kushtii khelnaa

dam khelnaa

diibii khelnaa

shatranj khelnaa

qalaa khelnaa

baazii khelnaa

gul-e-shabbuu khelnaa

lafzo.n se khelnaa

goliyaa.n khelnaa

play with marbles, be a child

adan padan khelnaa

keep silent

Meaning of mansuuba khelnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

mansuuba khelnaa

मंसूबा खेलनाمَنصُوبَہ کھیلنا

Critique (mansuuba khelnaa)





मंसूबा खेलना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • तदबीर करना, चाल चलना

مَنصُوبَہ کھیلنا کے اردو معانی


  • تدبیر کرنا ، چال چلنا ۔

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