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kalima pa.Dhnaa

recite the Kalima (la-ilaha illal-lah, there is no god but God), declare belief in Muslim creed, be converted to Islam

tote kii tarah kalima pa.Dhnaa

to be pretend Muslim

naam kaa kalima pa.Dhnaa

to respect someone highly

nabii kaa kalima pa.Dhnaa

to take the name of Prophet Mohammed, to describe to name of Prophet Mohammed

kisii kaa kalima pa.Dhnaa

to have faith in someone, to devote someone

kalima pa.Dhaanaa

to make (one) repeat the (Muslim) confession of faith, to convert (one) to Mohammadanism, to make a Musalman of (one)

do kalme pa.Dhnaa

kalima pa.Dhvaanaa

to make (one) repeat the (Muslim) confession of faith, to convert (one) to Mohammadanism, to make a Musalman of (one)


shahaadat kaa kalima

kalima vaalii u.nglii


of one voice or tongue, united, unanimous, uniform of opinion or speech


little word, half word

baaman kii beTii kalima pa.Dhe

kalima kaa shariik

Muslim fellow

kalima talqiin karnaa

to make one to recite Kalima

kalima kii u.nglii

index finger

allaah kaa naam mohammad kaa kalima

to have nothing else except the name of God, not even a rope

kalima bolnaa

to recite Kalima, to believe (in), become a convert (to), to have or put faith

kalima bharnaa

express love, express faith (in someone), to miss someone all time

kalima japnaa

to accept or acknowledge someone's talents or skills, to glorify someone

kalima kahnaa

to repeat the (Muslim) confession of faith

kalima sunaanaa

to speak harshly (to), tell one's tale

kalima sikhaanaa

to make (one) repeat kalima



in short

kufr kaa kalima bolnaa

to utter blasphemous language, to talk nonsense, to prate


word for word


a word, saying, discourse, vocable



the finger next to the thumb; the first or index finger, forefinger, index finger


naam kaa kalima raTnaa

to describe someone all time

kisii kaa kalima bharnaa

to miss someone all time, to memorize someone all time, chant or memorize all time someone

baaman kii beTii kalima jape

baaman kii beTii kalima bhare



Sweet, pleasant, gentle, affable conversation, eloquence

kalime kaa shariik


kalime kii u.nglii

forefinger, index finger


interruption of speech





the act of talking to oneself, soliloquy


expressed in conversation


pa.Dhnaa pa.Dhaanaa


good conversation


pa.Dhnaa va.Dhnaa

to read



qavaa'id pa.Dhnaa

ka.Dkaa pa.Dhnaa

pa.Dhant pa.Dhnaa

vaziifa pa.Dhnaa

to read or repeat (one's) daily prayers

daa'vat pa.Dhnaa

recite incantations, invoke spirits

qazaa pa.Dhnaa

say one's prayer after the appointed time

Gazal pa.Dhnaa

recite a ghazal

Meaning ofSee meaning kalima pa.Dhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

kalima pa.Dhnaa

कलिमा पढ़नाکَلِمَہ پَڑْھنا


Root word: kalima

English meaning of kalima pa.Dhnaa

  • recite the Kalima (la-ilaha illal-lah, there is no god but God), declare belief in Muslim creed, be converted to Islam
  • to repeat the (Muslim) confession of faith
  • to repeat (some words), say again and again
  • to say what another says, to follow servilely, to swear (by)
  • to acknowledge the superiority (of)
  • praise, applaud
  • follow, act according to the wish (of )
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कलिमा पढ़ना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • ला-इलाहा-इल्लल-लाह मुहम्मदुर-रसूलल्लह का ज़बान से पढ़ना, आस्था प्रकट करना, इस्लाम धर्म स्वीकार करना
  • कलिमे का पढ़ना, ईश्वर का नाम लेना, ईश्वर का स्मरण करना
  • किसी का नाम जपना, किसी का नाम याद करते रहना, नाम रटना
  • मानना, भक्त होना, दम भरना, सम्मान करना
  • किसी का गुणगान करना
  • किसी के कौशल, कला या प्रतीभा का गुणगान करना, किसी की गुणों की प्रशंसा करना
  • किसी चीज़ के गुण या श्रेष्ठता को स्वीकार करना
  • किसी बात की रट लगाना
  • तोते का हक़्क़उल्लाह पाक-ज़ात अल्लाह कहना

کَلِمَہ پَڑْھنا کے اردو معانی

  • لَا اِلٰہ اِلّا اللہ مُحَمَّدُ رَسُولُ اللہ زبان سے ادا کرنا، کلمہ شہادت پڑھنا، مسلمان ہونا، ایمان لانا، اسلام قبول کرنا
  • کلمۂ توحید کا ورد کرنا، خدا کا نام لینا، خدا کو یاد کرنا
  • کسی کا نام جپنا، نام رٹنا، کسی کا نام یاد کرتے رہنا
  • ماننا، معتقد ہونا، دم بھرنا، اطاعت کرنا، شیدا ہونا، فریفتہ ہونا
  • کسی کی تعریف کرنا
  • کسی کے کمال یا ہنر کا افراد کرنا، کسی کی خوبیوں کی تعریف کرنا، کسی کے کمال یا ہنر کا معتقد ہونا
  • کسی چیز کی خوبی یا برتری تسلیم کرنا
  • کسی بات کی رٹ لگانا
  • توتے کا حق اللہ پاک ذات اللہ کہنا

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kalima pa.Dhnaa

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