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jis din se

bhaT pa.De sonaa jis se TuuTe kaan

jis se

from whom, from which, whereby, as a result of which

jis taraf se

from whichever side

avval din se

from the first day, from the start, ab initio

saKHtii se din guzarnaa

pahaa.D saa din

phaT pa.De vo sonaa jas se TuuTe.n kaan

curse on the gold that causes pain, it's no use having something harmful even though beneficial apparently

din se utar jaanaa

chaar din aage se

kuchh din rahe se

musiibat se din bharnaa

buu.nd saa din

jis par pa.De so boje


whosoever, whichever, each of which

din pahaa.D saa kaTnaa

kaun saa ghar hai jis me.n maut nahii.n aa.ii

din rahe se

while it was yet day, from sometime before sunset

kaun saa din

diin se bargushta karnaa

jis qadr

as much as, to whatever extent or degree, to the extent that

jis tarah bhii

howsoever, in whatsoever manner

din kaaTe se na kaTnaa

jis kaa

whose, of whom, of which

jis KHudaa ne

dan se

quickly, with a thud

diin-duniyaa se jaanaa


while, when, whilst, as soon as, no sooner than

diin-o-duniyaa se jaanaa

fail to secure happiness in this world and the next

jis kisii kaa

of whatsoever, of whomsoever

jis par bhii

at anyone

jis kisii ko

to whomsoever

na.ii nau din puraanii sau din

old things are more reliable

jis kaa chiknaa dekhaa phisal pa.De

jis kaa mu.Dvaa us kaa giit

nayaa nau din puraanaa sau din

old things are more reliable

jis kii teG us kii deG

dain sar se adaa honaa

jis ko dekho baavan gaz kii

kaun saa din hai

daan se sidh honaa

jis ko piyaa chaahe vahii suhaagan

master's favourite rules the roost

jis par

at which, whereupon, whereat

jis kaa khaa.e us kaa gaa.e

every man praises the bridge who passes over

jis kaa khaa.e usii kaa gaa.e

one praises him who pays him, money commands obedience

jis kii teG us kii deg

jis taraf ho 'azm puuraa chaahiye

a man must act with determination to achieve success


somehow, whoever, whatever, someone or the other

baaman se daan maa.ngnaa

have false hope

ro.e se daan nahii.n miltaa

jis kii laaThii pa.Dii usii ke sar

jis haa.nDii me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

to bite the hand that feeds one, an ungrateful person harms his benefactor

din ke tiin so saaTh din hai.n

jis ne diyaa us ne paayaa

jis pattal me.n khaa.e.n usii me.n chhed kare.n

jis kaa khaa.e usii kii gaa.e

jis kaa khaa.e us kaa bajaa.e

sau din chor ke ek din saadh kaa

The thief is ultimately caught.

jis bartan me.n khaa.e usii me.n chhed kare

forgive someone's favor or goodwill, to harm someone who was the beneficial earlier

jis haa.nDii me.n khaanaa usii me.n chhed karnaa

Meaning of jis din se in English,

Hindi & Urdu

jis din se

जिस दिन सेجِس دِن سے

Critique (jis din se)




See meaning: jab-se

جِس دِن سے کے اردو معانی

فعل متعلق

  • رک : جب سے .

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