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donkey, ass, jackass, moke


hole, cavity, pit, ditch, abyss


buried, crushed

gadhaa ban.naa

gadhaa gho.Daa yaksaa.n

gadhaa gho.Daa baraabar

gadhaa piiTe gho.Daa nahii.n hotaa

gadhaa gadhii kii shaadii

ass' wedding, symbolized by sunshine and rain also fox's wedding, jackal's wedding



stupidity, foolishness

gadhaa gho.Daa ek bhaav

have no appreciation for talent

gadhaa banaanaa

make (someone) fool


donkey cart

gadhaa gadhii kaa byaah

ass' wedding, symbolized by sunshine and rain also fox's wedding, jackal's wedding


gadhaa kyaa jaane zaa'fraan kii qadr

gadhaa daldal me.n pha.nsnaa

gadhaa daldal me.n pha.nsaa

gadhaa piiTne se gho.Daa nahii.n hotaa

beating an ass will not turn it into a horse, nothing can make a born-fool wise

gadhaa piiTe se gho.Daa nahii.n hotaa


gadhaa dho.e se bachhraa nahii.n hotaa

gadhaa kiyaa jaane zaa'faraan kaa bhaav

a fool cannot relish good things

gadhaa gire pahaa.D se, murGii ke TuuTe kaan

impossible things


a boys' game


a stupid fellow, a fool


gadhaa gayaa dum kii talaash me.n , kaTaa aayaa kaan


a place where asses lie down and roll (it is regarded with superstitious dread)

gadhaa makke se phir aave vo haajii nahii.n ho jaataa


gadhaa mare kumhaar kaa, dhoban satii ho

The potter's donkey died, to her funeral pyre the laundress hied.

gadhaa gadhe kii piiTh khujaataa hai


gadhaa barsaat me.n bhuukaa mare

fool suffers from his own shortcomings, an unlucky person gets nothing even when everybody is having a good time

gadhaa paanii piye gha.nghol ke

gadhaa kharsaa me.n moTaa hotaa hai

gadhaa khurse me.n moTaa hotaa hai

gadhaa kaa khet khaaya, paap na pun

There is neither merit nor fault, in letting an ass to eat your field, to facilitate a worthless pers


gadhaa khaa.e khet , na harlo ke na parlo ke

gadhaa gayaa to gayaa rassii bhii le gayaa

ga.Dhaa pa.Dnaa

ga.Dhaa hu.aa

ga.Dhaa pa.D jaanaa

ga.Dhaa aa.nTnaa

to fill up a hole or hollow, to make up a deficiency, to take (one's) fill

ga.Dhaa lenaa

ga.Dhaa Daalnaa

ga.Dhaa paaTnaa

ga.Dhaa bharnaa

ga.Dhaa bhar denaa

ga.Dhaa bhar jaanaa

ga.Dhaa pur karnaa

ga.Dhaa pur honaa



to make (jewelry etc.), the work of molding



uneven surface



(Entomology) a specialized epidermal cell in insects, associated with the formation of the socket around the base of a bristle, tormogen cell

Meaning ofSee meaning gadhaa in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Sanskrit

Vazn : 12

English meaning of gadhaa

Noun, Masculine

Adjective, Masculine

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गधा के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • घोड़े की तरह का एक छोटा चौपाया पशु जिसे धोबी, कुम्हार आदि बोझ ढोने के लिए पालते हैं, गर्दभ, खर, वैशाखनंदन

विशेषण, पुल्लिंग

  • गधे की तरह निरा बुद्धिहीन, बहुत बड़ा बेवकूफ या मूर्ख, मूर्ख, बेवक़ुफ, कमबुद्धी

گَدھا کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • سفید یا خاکستری رنگ کا جانور جو گھوڑے اور خچّر سے چھوٹا ہوتا اور بوجھ لادنے یا سواری کے کام آتا ہے.
  • بوجھ جو گدھے پر لدا ہو ، بارِ خر

صفت، مذکر

  • کم عقل، احمق، بے وقوف، ب

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