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faatiha na duruud khaa ga.e marduud

the unskilled people ruined the things

faatiha na duruud mar ga.e marduud

mar ga.e marduud jin kii faatiha na duruud

no one remembers a evil nature with a good name

mar gaya marduud jis ka faatiha na duruud

faatiha na duruud khaane ko maujuud

ready to get reward without hard work


an assembly convened to offer prayers for the dead

guu na khaa

guuh na khaa

aasmaan zamiin khaa ga.e


condemned, rejected, abandoned, repulsed, damned, outcast

kuttaa dekhe gaa na bhau.nke gaa

faatiha pa.Dhna

recite the first sura of the Qur'an to pray for the dead

ghaas khaa ga.e ho

have you gone mad?


opening chapter of the Holy Quran, Fatiha

marduud banaanaa

khaa ke Dakaar na lenaa

dard khaa kar jan.naa


pronounce a (mostly prescribed) benediction or blessing upon Prophet Muhammad


blessing or benediction

zamiin khaa ga.ii yaa aasmaan khaa gayaa

hau.ns khaa ga.ii

maut khaa ga.ii

faatiha denaa

to cause blessings to be invoked (upon a deceased relative, this is done by having the opening chapter of the Quraan read over the deceased for forty days after his death, and distributing alms and food)

laato.n kaa aadmii baato.n se na maane gaa


jis ne lagaa.ii vahii bujhaa.e gaa

zamiin khaa ga.ii yaa aasmaan

an expression of wonder when something is lost

marduud ho jaanaa

being rejected, annul


aa ga.e baraatii na KHushkaa na chapaatii

used in case of mismanagement

duruud aanaa


baahar vaale khaa ga.e aur ghar ke gaa.e.n giit

duruud pa.Dhne ke qaabil


reading durud on the occasion of some other joy while seeing or smelling something beautiful thing

duruud kahnaa



faatiha honaa

faatiha karnaa

to repeat the fatiha (over), to repeat prayers for the dead

aa.e kii shaadii na ga.e kaa Gam

duruud kii jagah


Muslims' ceremony on the third day after death

zamiin khaa ga.ii aasmaan nigal gayaa




chewing, gnawing, eating


blowing of incantation or prayers, Metaphorically: power, courage, guts, power to stand up to


benedictions and blessings on Prophet Mohammad

aTkal kii faatiha denaa

say something unconsciously

ta.Daaqaa khaa jaanaa

ba.Daa bol na bole ba.Daa luqma na khaa.e


the opening chapter, or exordium, of the Quraan (so called because the recitation in prayer is commenced therewith)


Muslims' ceremony on the third day after death

dam na daruud la.Dne ko maujuud

khaa badnaa

guu me.n Dhelaa Daale.n na chhii.nTe.n pa.De.n

dimaaG kahe me.n na honaa

kahii na do

guuh me.n Dhelaa phe.nke gaa so chh.iinTe khaa.e gaa

havaa khaa

kam khaa.e Gam na khaa.e

Meaning of faatiha na duruud khaa ga.e marduud in English, Hindi & Urdu

faatiha na duruud khaa ga.e marduud

फ़ातिहा न दुरूद खा गए मरदूदفاتِحَہ نَہ دُرُود کھا گئے مَردُود

Critique us (faatiha na duruud khaa ga.e marduud)





English meaning of faatiha na duruud khaa ga.e marduud


  • the unskilled people ruined the things
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फ़ातिहा न दुरूद खा गए मरदूद के हिंदी अर्थ


  • अयोग्य लोग चीजों को बर्बाद कर देते हैं

فاتِحَہ نَہ دُرُود کھا گئے مَردُود کے اردو معانی


  • نا اہل لوگ چیز کو ضائع کردیتے ہیں

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