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duruud pa.Dhne ke qaabil


pronounce a (mostly prescribed) benediction or blessing upon Prophet Muhammad

tajviiz ke qaabil

'uzr ke qaabil

excusable, forgivable

samaa'at ke qaabil muqaddama

suit worthy or deserving of hearing, cognizable

mu.nh dikhaane ke qaabil

duruud kii jagah

zamaanat ke qaabil


lihaaz ke qaabil

dekhne ke qaabil

diid ke qaabil

samaa'at ke qaabil

mu.nh dikhaane ke qaabil na chho.Dnaa

mu.nh dikhaane ke qaabil na rahnaa

kap.Do.n kaa dhajjiyaa.n lene ke qaabil ho jaanaa

mu.nh dikhaane ke qaabil na honaa

mu.nh dikhaane ke qaabil na rakhnaa

mu.nh dikhlaane ke qaabil na rahnaa

mu.nh dikhaane ke qaabil na rahnaa

khaane ke qaabil


mar ga.e marduud jin kii faatiha na duruud

no one remembers a evil nature with a good name

aaba-e-zar se likhne ke qaabil

worthy of being written with golden words

Dibiyaa me.n band rakhne ke qaabil

useless, worthless

Dibiyaa me.n band karne ke qaabil

mar gaya marduud jis ka faatiha na duruud

piTaarii me.n band rakhne ke qaabil hai.n

alganii par Daalne ke qaabil

feeble, very weak, infirm

jeb me.n haath Daalne ke qaabil honaa



faatiha na duruud khaane ko maujuud

ready to get reward without hard work


blessing or benediction, especially for Prophet Muhammad


duruud aanaa


an assembly convened to offer prayers for the dead

duruud kahnaa


reading durud on the occasion of some other joy while seeing or smelling something beautiful thing

faatiha na duruud khaa ga.e marduud

the unskilled people ruined the things

faatiha na duruud mar ga.e marduud


benedictions and blessings on Prophet Mohammad


blowing of incantation or prayers, Metaphorically: power, courage, guts, power to stand up to

kodo.n de ke pa.Dhnaa

dil ke bhed pa.Dhnaa

pa.Dhne vaalaa

reader, learner, student

zor de ke pa.Dhnaa

to emphasize, accentuate, read loudly


able, capable, deserving, eligible, worthy of or fit for

chabaa ke pa.Dhnaa


pa.Dhne biThaanaa

enrol (a child) in a school or make a child study (under a teacher)

pa.Dhne baiThnaa

start one's education

mu.nh is qaabil nahii.n


kushto.n ke pushte pa.Dnaa

mu.nh is qaabil honaa

be able to (face)

paanii ke gha.De pa.Dnaa

to be greatly embarrassed

qasaa.ii ke paale pa.Dnaa

'izzat ke piichhe pa.Dnaa

kushto.n ke khet pa.Dnaa

a heap of corpses

zindagaanii ke laale pa.Dnaa

to have no hope of life, to have one's life in extreme danger

mauqa' aan ke pa.Dnaa

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duruud pa.Dhne ke qaabil

दुरूद पढ़ने के क़ाबिलدُرُود پَڑْھنے کے قابِل

دُرُود پَڑْھنے کے قابِل کے اردو معانی


  • تعریف کے قابل ، نہایت نفیس ، عمدہ لاجواب.

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duruud pa.Dhne ke qaabil

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