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dil me.n lagan lagaanaa

lagan lagaanaa

dil kii lagan


dil me.n aag lagaanaa

lagaan lagaanaa

fix land rent

na.ii lagan lagnaa

lagan laagnaa

lagan lagnaa

be devoted to

dil me.n pa.nkhe lagnaa


dil me.n ghuu.nsaa lagnaa

dil lagaanaa


lucky or propitious moment

dil me.n choT lagnaa

dil me.n aag lagnaa

lagan dharnaa


dil me.n dil Daalnaa

put one's own heart or mind into (another), cause one to think or feel as oneself does

dil kaa lagaanaa

dil ko lagaanaa

give or apply heart to, fall in love

dil Thikaane lagaanaa

dil se lagaanaa

dil hii dil me.n

in one's heart of hearts, secretly, silently


nativity, horoscope

dil par qufl lagaanaa

dil me.n ja.Dnaa

dil me.n ga.Dnaa

dil me.n ku.Dhnaa

KHudaa se dil lagaanaa

nazro.n me.n lagaanaa

dil hii dil me.n ku.Dhnaa

hazaar aafate.n hai.n ek dil lagaane me.n


a copper trough, a candle stand, a basin, adhere, affection



laa.ngan me.n aanaa

be stepped across, be leapt over

fiqre me.n lagaanaa


dil me.n dharnaa




rent, land revenue, assessment, government tax on agriculture

dil hii dil me.n bhunnaa

dil me.n jaan.naa

dil me.n maan.naa

dil me.n sharmaanaa

dil me.n guzarnaa

dil me.n Thaan.naa

set one's heart on, make a resolve

dil-lagii dil-lagii me.n

baato.n me.n lagaanaa

engage a person in conversation

dil kii dil me.n rakhnaa

dil par kachoke lagaanaa

rozii me.n lagaanaa

peshii me.n lagaanaa

gaa.n.D me.n thuuk lagaanaa

dil me.n ga.Dhe pa.Dnaa

dil me.n Thannaa

dil me.n daaG pa.Dnaa

kisii se dil lagaanaa

Meaning of dil me.n lagan lagaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

dil me.n lagan lagaanaa

दिल में लगन लगानाدِل میں لَگَن لَگانا

Critique (dil me.n lagan lagaanaa)





दिल में लगन लगाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • दिल में जोश पैदा करना, वलवला पैदा करना

دِل میں لَگَن لَگانا کے اردو معانی


  • دل میں جوش پیدا کرنا ، ولولہ پیدا کرنا .

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