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daal me.n baghaar lagnaa


the act of garnish

dil me.n pa.nkhe lagnaa

dil me.n ghuu.nsaa lagnaa

dil me.n choT lagnaa

dil me.n aag lagnaa

ku.nve.n me.n Daal denaa

chhalnii me.n Daal chhaaj me.n u.Daanaa

khaarii ku.nve.n me.n Daal denaa

paanii me.n Daal denaa

palluu me.n Daal denaa

kattal kaa baghaar

chhaaj me.n Daal kar chhalnii me.n u.Daanaa

varta-e-tahayyur me.n Daal denaa

juutiyo.n me.n Daal baTnaa

musiibat me.n Daal denaa

varta-e-hairat me.n Daal denaa

to immerse someone in a whirl of stupefaction

aa.nkho.n me.n aa.nkhe.n Daal ke

face to face, boldly

daa.nto.n me.n lagnaa

juutiyo.n me.n daal baTvaanaa

gaa.n.D me.n mirche.n lagnaa

daal me.n namak

gaa.n.D me.n pata.nge lagnaa

kaan me.n baat Daal denaa

to notify, to inform, to remind, help someone remember

diide me.n diida Daal kar

jhamelo.n me.n lagnaa

baato.n me.n lagnaa

a.nt.Diyo.n me.n aag lagnaa

to be famished, to be starved, to be very hungry

gaa.n.D me.n chunchune lagnaa

raddii khaate me.n Daal rakhnaa

kaan me.n harf Daal denaa

suraaG me.n lagnaa

peshii me.n lagnaa

dhandhe me.n lagnaa

nazar.o me.n lagnaa

mu.nh me.n phapuu.ndii lagnaa

aavaaz me.n pattii lagnaa

juutiyo.n me.n daal baTnaa

have a severe discord

daal juutiyo.n me.n baTnaa

dal be distributed in shoes

'izzat me.n baTTaa lagnaa

nekii kar dariyaa me.n Daal

do good and seek no reward, do good for the sake of good

rishta me.n lagnaa

sandal mu.nh me.n lagnaa

girebaa.n me.n mu.nh Daal kar dekhnaa

badan me.n mirche.n lagnaa

kaleje me.n Daal rakhnaa

kaan me.n Daal rakhnaa

fikr me.n lagnaa

daal me.n kuchh kaalaa

something (is) rotten in the state of Denmark, something fishy

badan me.n pata.nge lagnaa

tan-badan me.n mirche.n lagnaa

daulat me.n baTTaa lagnaa

khansaar me.n dhakkaa lagnaa

girebaa.n me.n sar Daal kar dekhnaa

tan-man me.n aag lagnaa

mai.n Daal Daal, tuu paat paat

patthar me.n jo.nk lagnaa

daal me.n kaalaa honaa

me.n pa.nkhe lagnaa

kilol me.n Gulla lagnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning daal me.n baghaar lagnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

daal me.n baghaar lagnaa

दाल में बघार लगनाدال میں بَگھار لَگْنا

دال میں بَگھار لَگْنا کے اردو معانی


  • دال پکنے کے بعد گِھی داغ کرکے اس میں ڈالا جانا ؛ اُچَھلْنا ، تنکنا .

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daal me.n baghaar lagnaa

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