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bhi.Do.n ke chhatte me.n haath lagaanaa

bhi.Do.n ke chhatte ko chhe.Dnaa

bhi.D ke chhatte me.n haath Daalnaa

(Literary) to put one's hand into a wasp's nest

bhi.Do.n ke chhatte ko mat chhe.Do

let sleeping dogs lie.

ha.nDiyaa me.n haath lagaanaa

makkhiyo.n ke chhatte ko chhe.Dnaa

stir up a hornet's nest

diivaane ke haath me.n chhurii

dhu.nd ke samandar me.n Gota lagaanaa

haath cham.De kaa na lagaanaa

sher ke mu.nh me.n haath denaa

qalam dushman ke haath me.n honaa

KHudaa ke haath me.n hai

bandar ke haath me.n naariyal

a blind man cannot judge colour, what should a cow do with a nutmeg

zindagii maut ke haath me.n honaa

to have complete authority over someone

gardan me.n haath de ke nikaalnaa

mu.nh kaa mu.nh me.n, haath kaa haath me.n nivaala rah gayaa

qadam ko haath lagaanaa

bhuut ke haath me.n naariyal denaa

vakiilo.n kaa haath paraa.ii jeb me.n ke bil me.n haath Daalnaa


hornets. crowds

jeb me.n haath Daalne ke qaabil honaa

haath badan ko lagaanaa

paalaT kaa haath lagaanaa

bhaado.n ke be.De

kaalak kaa haath lagaanaa

cho.nDe kii sharm haath me.n honaa

muut kaa chulluu haath me.n kii baa.nbii me.n haath Daalnaa

haath na gale naak me.n pyaaz ke Dale

someone priding on a frivolous affair or thing

haath haath me.n denaa

haath me.n cha.Dhnaa

haath me.n paka.Dnaa

haath me.n cha.Dhaanaa

bhuvaa kii nadii me.n kon haath Daale

haath me.n haath pak.Daa denaa

nazro.n me.n lagaanaa


give away a woman in marriage

haath lagaanaa

touch with hands, handle, support, help, assist, copulate, gain, advantage, use, strike, beat

fiqre me.n lagaanaa

haath ke haath

out of hand, immediately, at once

haath me.n chakkii kaa paaT hai

lak.Dii ke haath

cham.De ke haath

chuut.Do.n me.n haath denaa

baato.n me.n lagaanaa

engage a person in conversation

do haath me.n

Tho.Dii me.n haath honaa

rozii me.n lagaanaa

peshii me.n lagaanaa

haath me.n haath lenaa

haatho.n me.n haath denaa

gaa.n.D me.n thuuk lagaanaa

girebaa.n me.n haath pa.Dnaa

haath me.n haath honaa

gardan me.n haath pa.Dnaa

shiin ke su.Dappe lagaanaa

mu.nh me.n lagaanaa

gale me.n haath pa.Dnaa


Meaning of bhi.Do.n ke chhatte me.n haath lagaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

bhi.Do.n ke chhatte me.n haath lagaanaa

भिड़ों के छत्ते में हाथ लगानाبِھڑوں کے چَھتّے میں ہاتھ لَگانا

Critique us (bhi.Do.n ke chhatte me.n haath lagaanaa)




Origin: Hindi


See meaning: bhi.Do.n ke chhatte ko chhe.Dnaa

भिड़ों के छत्ते में हाथ लगाना के हिंदी अर्थ

यौगिक क्रिया

  • भिड़ों के छत्ते को छेड़ना, किसी ऐसे काम में हाथ डालना जिस में बुराई, क्षति और हानि का डर हो

بِھڑوں کے چَھتّے میں ہاتھ لَگانا کے اردو معانی

فعل مرکب

  • بھڑوں کے چھتے کو چھیڑنا، کسی ایسے کام میں ہاتھ ڈالنا جس میں شر اور فساد کا اندیشہ ہو

Disclaimer: This is Beta version of Rekhta Dictionary undergoing final testing before its official release. In case of any discrepancy, please write to us at or Critique us

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