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baat chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daa denaa

laugh something away, give no importance to

chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daa denaa

baat chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daanaa

chuTkiyo.n me.n a.Daa Daalnaa

chuTkiyo.n hii chuTkiyo.n me.n

dhu.e.n me.n u.Daa denaa

chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daanaa

treat as a joke, take (something or someone or some words) in a non-serious vein, put someone off with a joke, show disregard

chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Dnaa

ha.nsii me.n u.Daa denaa

dismiss with a joke, laugh something off

chuTkiyo.n me.n

baat me.n daKHl denaa

kaan me.n baat Daal denaa

to notify, to inform, to remind, help someone remember

gorii kaa joban chuTkiyo.n me.n jaa.e

gorii kaa joban chuTkiyo.n me.n u.D jaanaa

gorii kaa husn chuTkiyo.n me.n jaanaa

paa.nv u.Daa denaa

qaid u.Daa denaa

sharm u.Daa denaa

gardan u.Daa denaa

dukh u.Daa denaa

Gairat u.Daa denaa

plaastar u.Daa denaa

open the plaster (means), to hit a lot, to beat badly

KHaak u.Daa denaa

naak u.Daa denaa

arii-parii u.Daa denaa

to weaken

chaabuko.n se u.Daa denaa

havaa par u.Daa denaa

chuTkiyo.n par u.Daanaa

makkhii sii u.Daa denaa

ha.nsii me.n u.Daa jaanaa

top se u.Daa denaa

bhuuk pyaas u.Daa denaa

maar-maar dhuul u.Daa denaa

baat-baat me.n

mu.nh ke Tuk.De u.Daa denaa

mu.nh ke Tuk.De u.Daa denaa

baat me.n baat

baato.n me.n Taal denaa


pinch, the small quantity held or picked up between thumb and forefinger

baaT me.n pa.Dnaa

me.n baat ga.Dnaa

kisii kii dhuul u.Daa denaa

destroy, devastate, ruin

chambar gardan se u.Daa denaa

zamiin kaa taKHta u.Daa denaa

baat denaa

baat kii baat me.n

instantly, immediately, in no time

baat me.n baat aanaa

baat me.n

baat khaTaa.ii me.n pa.Dnaa

dil me.n baat ga.Dnaa

baat mu.nh me.n pa.Dnaa

baat me.n baat honaa

baat ha.nsii me.n pa.Dnaa

baat ha.nsii me.n u.Daanaa

laugh a matter off

baat me.n baat nikalnaa

baat me.n baat milaanaa

baat me.n baat nikaalnaa

tabaqe zamiin ke ulaT denaa yaa u.Daa denaa

buraa.ii baGal me.n KHuubaa.ii baat me.n

baat jii me.n ga.Dnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning baat chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daa denaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

baat chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daa denaa

बात चुटकियों में उड़ा देनाبات چُٹْکِیوں میں اُڑا دینا

English meaning of baat chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daa denaa


  • laugh something away, give no importance to
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baat chuTkiyo.n me.n u.Daa denaa

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