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letter, petition

'ariiza denaa




a letter expressing devotion and intent, a letter to elders or rulers



a congratulatory letter


dariyaa me.n 'ariiza denaa

dariyaa me.n 'ariiza Daalnaa


temporary, transitory, transient, short-lived, interim, provisional




the state of being pleased, content, pleasure, good pleasure


chosen (person)


quilt, a warm bed covering made of padding enclosed between layers of fabric and kept in place by lines of stitching




petition, application, representation, written statement, petition, letter (from an inferior)



suckling (child)


a kind of cock, crumb, piece, bit, scrap

roza tu.Dvaanaa

mai.n raazii , meraa KHudaa raazii

mil ga.ii to rozii varna roza

'arzii daaG denaa

mai.n raazii aur meraa KHudaa raazii

mu.nh dhove, roze khove

rozii paka.Dnaa

roza cha.Dhtaa

roza to.Dnaa

break one's fast before time

roze chhu.Daane ga.e namaaz gale pa.Dii

namaaze.n baKHshvaate ulTe roze gale pa.Dii

ga.e namaaz baKHshvaane , roze gale pa.De

roze baKHshvaane ga.e namaaz gale pa.Dii

namaaz baKHshvaane ga.e, roze gale pa.De

namaaz baKHshvaane aa.e, roze gale pa.De

qaazii ba do gavaah raazii


rozii nahii.n to roza

ham raazii hamaaraa KHudaa raazii

tanhaa pesh qaazii ravii raazii shavii

namaaz chhu.Daane ga.e the roze gale pa.De

ga.e the roze chhu.Daane namaaz gale pa.Dii

roza chhu.Daane ga.e the namaaz gale pa.Dii


tum se mai.n raazii meraa KHudaa raazii

mulaaqaat-e-cha.nd roza

short acquaintance, unstable friendship, temporary or non-permanent meeting

namaaz ko ga.e roza gale pa.Daa

roze ko ga.e namaaz gale pa.Dii

roza roz roz , banda cha.nd roz


sickness, disease, disorder, illness, affection

ga.e the namaaz baKHshvaane , roze gale pa.De

while trying to avoid a difficult task one is burdened with yet another one

pesh qaazii ravii raazii aa.ii

diid-baazii rab raazii

aa.ii rozii nahii.n to roza

diidaar baazii KHudaa raazii

din me.n sove, rozii khove

raazii ba-razaa honaa

To be resigned to the will of God, to submit to the will of God.

namaaz chhu.Daane ga.e the roze gale pa.D ga.e

shash-'iid ke roze

Meaning ofSee meaning 'ariiza in English, Hindi & Urdu



Origin: Arabic

Vazn : 122

Plural: 'araa.iz

Word Family: a-r-z

English meaning of 'ariiza

Noun, Masculine, Singular

Sher Examples

'अरीज़ा के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग, एकवचन

عَرِیضَہ کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر، واحد

  • عمر، رشتے یا رتبے میں چھوٹے کی جانب سے بڑے کو لکھا جانے والا خط؛ عرضی، عرضداشت
  • عرضی جو حضرت فاطمہؓ ، خواجہ خضر یا امام آخرالزّماں کے نام لکھ کر کسی مراد کے لیے دریا میں بہاتے ہیں

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