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apne iKHtiyaar me.n honaa

dil iKHtiyaar me.n honaa

iKHtiyaar me.n honaa

(a matter) to be in one's power or jurisdiction or subject to one's authority

apne me.n na honaa

apne KHayaal me.n mast honaa

revel on one's own thoughts

aap apne haal me.n honaa

to be busy with one's own troubles

apne aap me.n na honaa

safed-o-siyaah kaa iKHtiyaar honaa

apne dimaaG me.n tulnaa

apne haath se apne paa.nv me.n kulhaa.Dii maarnaa

dil par iKHtiyaar honaa

apne rang me.n ra.ngnaa

make (someone) like oneself

apne hisaab me.n

in own view, as for as one can see

apne aape me.n

apnii KHayaal me.n mast honaa

be content with one's lot

apnii khaal me.n mast honaa

be content, be satisfied with what one has

apnii kamlii me.n mast honaa

aap apne baav.n me.n kulhaa.Dii maarnaa

sab apne apne haal me.n mubtalaa hai.n

apne paa.nv par kha.Daa honaa

apne pairo.n par kha.Daa honaa

apne girebaan me.n mu.nh Daalnaa

apne girebaan me.n mu.nh Daalo

look at your own faults or conduct (before criticizing others)

apne manDan me.n duusro.n kaa khanDan

troubling others for own comfort

apne aap me.n aanaa

apne me.n

miizaan apne haath me.n lenaa

qaanuun apne haath me.n lenaa

apne ghar me.n kuttaa sher hai

apnii aabruu apne haath me.n

apne girebaan me.n mu.nh Daal kar dekhnaa

apne jiiv po aadhaar honaa

apne aap me.n rahnaa

apne me.n na rahnaa

apne me.n na samaanaa

aap apne haq me.n kaanTe bonaa

baag apne haath me.n lenaa

take the control in one's hand, accept the responsibility of any work himself

apne girebaan me.n sar Daalnaa

apne girebaan me.n sir Daalnaa

apne me.n ape ulaT jaanaa

murda dozaKH me.n jaa.e ki bihisht me.n , apne halve maa.nDe se matlab

aadmii apne matlab me.n andhaa hotaa hai

man is blind to all save his own interests

apne paaltuu jaanvar se dast-bardaar honaa

Abandon your pet

apne me.n ape

chaahe murda dozaKH me.n jaa.e chaahe bahisht me.n , apne halve maa.nDe se Garaz

murda dozaKH me.n jaa.e yaa bihisht me.n , hame.n apne halve maa.nDe se kaam

apne ghar me.n ho jaanaa

apne aap me.n na samaanaa

apne KHudaa ko maan

kuttaa bhii apne ghar me.n sher hotaa hai

dil me.n nahii.n Dar to sab kii pag.Dii apne sar

apne lage to piiTh me.n aur ke lage to bhiiT me.n

dil me.n nahii.n Dar to sab kii pag.Dii apne sar

apnaa phandaa duusre ke gale me.n Daalnaa haath apne sar par

billii apnii ghaat me.n chuuhaa apnii ghaat me.n

phuul apne hii baaG me.n KHub khiltaa hai

jo apne kaam na aa.e vo chuulhe me.n jaa.e

apnaa phandaa duusre ke gale me.n Daalnaa , dhau.nsaa aap le jaav apne haath bajaav

apnii aisii taisii me.n pa.De

apne se baahar honaa

Meaning ofSee meaning apne iKHtiyaar me.n honaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

apne iKHtiyaar me.n honaa

अपने इख़्तियार में होनाاَپْنے اِخْتِیار میں ہونا


अपने इख़्तियार में होना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • होश-ओ-हवास में होना

اَپْنے اِخْتِیار میں ہونا کے اردو معانی


  • ہوش و حواس میں ہونا

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apne iKHtiyaar me.n honaa

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