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'alam cha.Dhnaa

'alam cha.Dhaanaa

'aalam 'aalam

everywhere, in the whole world,very, much


the world, universe


flag, banner, standard

'alam gaa.Dnaa

make name, become famous

'alam ba.Dhaanaa


to be standard bearer, to be a staunch supporter of a movement or ideology, raising the flag


standard bearer, supporter or protagonist (of a cause, etc), vanguard, title of Hazrat Abbas, brother of Imam Hussain




city of knowledge, title of Prophet Muhammad

aa.ndhii cha.Dhnaa

'alam-daar kaa 'alam TuuTe

the cursing word of Shi'a women

'adaalat cha.Dhnaa

mu.nh cha.Dhnaa

become someone's favourite

'alam karnaa

draw sword

Gussa cha.Dhnaa


world after world

javaanii cha.Dhnaa

attain puberty, attain the vigour of manhood, be full of youthful vigour or lust

zamiin cha.Dhnaa

(a horse, etc.) to increasingly gain skill

baazii cha.Dhnaa

dominate an adversary

bhaav cha.Dhnaa

'alam khii.nchnaa

junuu.n cha.Dhnaa

become mad, lunatic, frenzied

'alam buland karnaa

nigaah cha.Dhnaa

to come in front of one's eyes


flag-bearer, standard- bearer

'alam TuuTe

the cursing word of Shi'a women

chaDDhii cha.Dhnaa

riding on one's back

ghinnii cha.Dhnaa

become giddy

paTThaa cha.Dhnaa

pull of a muscle from a particular places


Omniscient (as an attribute of God), all-knowing


people of (drum) music and knowledge

'aalam navard

world-traversing, a great traveler, a globe-trotter


carrying a flag

sar cha.Dhnaa

naak cha.Dhnaa

taKHt cha.Dhnaa

getting married, the bride sit on the doss

naam cha.Dhnaa

name to be entered or recorded

charbii cha.Dhnaa

become fat

tap cha.Dhnaa

be angry, be incensed

sur cha.Dhnaa

'alam nikaalnaa

related to flag procession of 9th and 10th of Muharram

shaah 'abbaas kaa 'alam TuuTe

'alam honaa

be raised, be notorious or famous

'alam uThnaa

'alam uThaanaa

carried a banner in the memory of martyrs of Karbala in processions

'alam khulnaa

'alam nikalnaa

'aalam-'aalam honaa

dum 'alam karnaa

chaav.Dii cha.Dhnaa

'alam buland honaa

ka.Daahii cha.Dhnaa

(of pan) be placed on fire to cook food, to frying of the dish

talvaar 'alam karnaa

'alam me.n chillaa baa.ndhnaa

chaa.nd cha.Dhnaa

new moon to appear or rise


drum and flag, the drum and flag of royal ministers and Subedars in the war field


secret of sorrow

mu.nh par cha.Dhnaa

(of word, phrase) come easy or natural

Meaning of 'alam cha.Dhnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

'alam cha.Dhnaa

'अलम चढ़नाعَلَم چَڑھْنا

Critique ('alam cha.Dhnaa)





'अलम चढ़ना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • झंडा ऊँचा होना, ख्याति प्राप्त होना, नाम होना
  • इमामबाड़े में बतौर झंडा चढ़ना

عَلَم چَڑھْنا کے اردو معانی

  • عَلَم بلند ہونا، شہرت حاصل ہونا، نام ہونا
  • علم چڑھانا کا لازم، امام بارگاہ میں بطورعلم چڑھنا

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