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'alam cha.Dhaanaa

'alam cha.Dhnaa


add a layer or coat (of paint)

'aalam 'aalam

everywhere, in the whole world,very, much


the world, universe


flag, banner, standard

'alam gaa.Dnaa

make name, become famous

'alam ba.Dhaanaa


to be standard bearer, to be a staunch supporter of a movement or ideology, raising the flag


standard bearer, supporter or protagonist (of a cause, etc), vanguard, title of Hazrat Abbas, brother of Imam Hussain


city of knowledge, title of Prophet Muhammad

meh.ndii cha.Dhaanaa

'alam-daar kaa 'alam TuuTe

the cursing word of Shi'a women

'alam karnaa

draw sword cha.Dhaanaa

taking long swings so that the lower end of the swing started to go very high

bhe.nT cha.Dhaanaa

parvaan cha.Dhaanaa


charaaG cha.Dhaanaa

naadirii cha.Dhaanaa


world after world

'alam khii.nchnaa

'alam buland karnaa

baa.nhe.n cha.Dhaanaa

to put sleeve up, Metaphorically: get ready (for or against), threaten, intimidate


flag-bearer, standard- bearer

'alam TuuTe

the cursing word of Shi'a women

bhaTTii cha.Dhaanaa

boil clothes for washing or cleaning

chillaa cha.Dhaanaa

string or bend a bow


Omniscient (as an attribute of God), all-knowing


people of (drum) music and knowledge

'aalam navard

world-traversing, a great traveler, a globe-trotter

gaalii cha.Dhaanaa

to utter expletives

naak cha.Dhaanaa

mitii cha.Dhaanaa


carrying a flag

'alam nikaalnaa

related to flag procession of 9th and 10th of Muharram

shaah 'abbaas kaa 'alam TuuTe

'alam honaa

be raised, be notorious or famous

'alam uThnaa

'alam uThaanaa

carried a banner in the memory of martyrs of Karbala in processions

'alam khulnaa

sharh cha.Dhaanaa

to explain, annotate

niyaaz cha.Dhaanaa

dedicate, consecrate, distribute food to the needy as an offering, to present a gift

deg cha.Dhaanaa

make an offering at a shrine or at some religious ceremony

'alam nikalnaa

phaa.nsii cha.Dhaanaa

to hang

'aalam-'aalam honaa

paimaana cha.Dhaanaa

drink a cup of wine

dum 'alam karnaa

nazre.n cha.Dhaanaa

battii cha.Dhaanaa

cure something

gho.Daa cha.Dhaanaa

cock a gun

'alam buland honaa

talvaar 'alam karnaa

kala.nk cha.Dhaanaa

put to shame, accuse, slander

'alam me.n chillaa baa.ndhnaa

nishaan cha.Dhaanaa

chitvan cha.Dhaanaa

frown, scowl, glower

dhuup cha.Dhaanaa

burn incense (before idols)


drum and flag, the drum and flag of royal ministers and Subedars in the war field


secret of sorrow

Meaning of 'alam cha.Dhaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

'alam cha.Dhaanaa

'अलम चढ़ानाعَلَم چَڑھانا

Critique ('alam cha.Dhaanaa)





'अलम चढ़ाना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • मन्नत या मुराद पूरी होने के बाद इमाम-बाड़े में चांदी या किसी चीज़ का बनाया हुआ झंडा या पताका उपहार के तौर पर अर्पित करना

عَلَم چَڑھانا کے اردو معانی

  • منت یا مراد پوری ہوہنے کے بعد امام بارگاہ میں چاندی یا کسی چیز کا بنایا ہوا علم بطور نذر پیش کرنا

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