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aa.D pa.Dnaa

aa.D paka.Dnaa

aa.D to.Dnaa

uncover, remove purdah

aa.nD ba.Dhnaa

aa.D baa.ndhnaa

set up or erect a cover

go.D ba.Dnaa

go.D pa.Dnaa

fall at someone's feet, touch someone's feet reverentially, prostrate oneself before a man of high position or caste, beg with great earnestness and humility

god khilaayaa god me.n nahii.n rahtaa

aa.D me.n

behind, under cover, in ambush, under the pretence of

aa.D ban.naa


god kaa khilaayaa god me.n nahii.n rahtaa

aa.D Dhuu.nDnaa

seek cover

la.Dkaa god lenaa

adopt a male child, legally take (another's son) and bring it up as one's own

good friday

god god ke

god god kar

kivaa.D kii aa.D lenaa

vuh gu.D nahii.n


anything natural or man-made behind which one can hide, cover, covert, hide, screen, fence, wall


vaqt kii aa.D me.n

at the pretext of time

servant(of god)


gu.D denaa

to kiss or to be kissed

gu.D maa.ngnaa

to ask for a kiss, to solicit a kiss

god me.n la.Dkaa shahr me.n Dha.nDoraa

kulyaa me.n gu.D pho.Dnaa

kulhiyaa me.n gu.D pho.Dnaa

do something stealthily

god me.n baiTh kar daa.Dhii nochnaa

subtly abuse one's benefactor

dhaav.De kaa go.nd

aa.D me.n aanaa


baa.ns cha.Dhe gu.D khaa.e

ha.nDiyaa me.n gu.D pho.Dnaa

god me.n bachcha shahr me.n Dha.nDoraa


kuud bachh.De kuud , terii naliyo.n me.n guud

tumhaarii god me.n baiThuu.n aur daa.Dhii nochuu.n

gu.D na de gu.D kii sii baat to kare

a kind word costs nothing

kuud muu.e kuud terii naliyo.n me.n guud, nikal gyaa guud to rah gayaa marduud

god lete giraa pa.Dtaa hai

shaitaan kaa gu.D

god vaalii

god bharvaanaa

god denaa

to give one's child to another for adoption

god dharnaa

good deed


god me.n pahu.nch jaanaa

aa.D lagaanaa

aa.D karnaa

observe purdah to hide oneself


aa.D lenaa

aa.D aanaa

aa.D banaanaa

look for a pretext

good offices


good fellow


a Raga in Indian classical music sung just before the afternoon

achchhii bha.ii gu.D sattarah ser

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आड़-गूड़آڑ گُوڑ

آڑ گُوڑ کے اردو معانی

اسم, مذکر

  • (كھٹ بنا) موٹی رسی كا مضبوط بند جو پلنگ كے دو مخالف پایوں كے درمیان كان (كھونٹ) نكلنے كی روک كے لیے باندھا جائے
  • (كھیل) گیڑیوں كے كھیل میں وہ بڑی اور وزنی گیڑی جو نشانہ لگانے كے لیے كھیل كے میدان میں بیچوں بیچ ركھ دی جاتی ہے۔
  • كوڑا كركٹ، خس و خاشاك

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