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age, period, epoch, era, time, times, season, month and year, rotation period


time/ age

zamaana aanaa

zamaana dekhnaa

get experience

zamaana bhar

zamaana honaa

zamaana chhaan.naa

zamaana jaanaa


related to an era, relating to time, period, temporary, transitory, ephemeral

zamaana gir pa.Dnaa

zamaana guzarnaa

zamaana muvaafiq honaa

zamaana badalnaa



earthly, terrestrial, related to earth

zamaana uma.nDnaa

zamaana kii gardish

zamaana paanaa

zamaana nazar me.n a.ndheraa honaa

zamaana bhar kaa dushman

zamaana lad jaanaa

zamaana naazuk hai

zamaana bhar dushman honaa

zamaana naazuk honaa

zamaana dekhaa hu.aa

experienced, veteran

zamaana badal jaanaa

zamaana phirnaa

zamaana dekhe honaa

zamaana dekh Daalnaa

zamaana zer-o-zabar honaa

zamaana siyaah honaa

zamaana idhar kaa udhar honaa

zamaana badle tum bhii badlo

zamaana girgiT kii tarah badaltaa hai

zamaana saazgaar honaa

be fortunate, be favoured by the turns of fortunes, circumstances to be favourable

zamaana dekhe baiThnaa

zamaana bar-KHilaaf honaa

zamaana ast yaa 'alii madad de

zamaana palaTnaa

zamaana baratnaa

zamaana dekh Daalaa hai

zamaana aa.nkho.n se dekhaa hai

zamaana chhaan maarnaa

zamaana dekhe baiThe hain

zamaana ho jaanaa

zamaana aa.nkho.n me.n siyaah honaa

zamaana bhar kii

zamaana bhar kaa

zamaana aa.nkho.n se guzar chukaa hai

zamaana tah-o-baalaa honaa


the one who changes his principles according to the situation, a time-server, cunning, opportunist


the one who have control on time, the one who have complete control on the world, emperor

zamaana ek par nahii.n rahtaa

zamaana biit jaanaa

zamaana ulaT jaanaa



zamaana phir jaanaa

zamaana nikal jaanaa

zamaana palaT jaanaa

Compound words of zamaana


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