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zabardastii paka.D bulaanaa

paka.D bulaanaa

have someone brought under arrest or duress


oppression, force, exercise of force or power, high-handedness, violence, violently, coercion

chho.D paka.D

running about

paka.D la.Dnaa

paka.D paka.Dnaa


hold, capture, grip, grasp, objection, criticism, accountability, calling (somebody) to account, a wrestling bout, act of seizing, arrest, altercation, noisy argument, wrangling


call, invite, send for, summon, ask for

paka.D rakhnaa

paka.D jaanaa

paka.D laanaa

capture and fetch


dil paka.D dharnaa

zabarasdtii paka.D laanaa

bring one by force

huqqa bulaanaa

nevat bulaanaa

dhataa bulaanaa


chii.n bulaanaa

To cause to squeal, to make someone to cry.


KHudaa kii paka.D

paka.D me.n aanaa

be arrested, be caught


pallaa paka.D lenaa

take help

khai.nch bulaanaa

dam paka.D rahnaa

uu.nT kii paka.D

peT paka.D ha.nsnaa

gaa.nT paka.D rahnaa

jhuuTo.n bulaanaa sachcho.n aanaa

kalejaa paka.D lenaa

jii paka.D lenaa

be sorry


puu.nchh paka.D kar chalnaa

Satirical: follow someone everywhere


arrest, capture


brawl, raid, arrests


the act of taking into custody on legal authority, detaining, to arrest suspected accused by policemen and take them to the police station, arrest


zabardastii se

forcibly, by violence, high-handedly, unjustly

zabardastii chalnaa

dil paka.D kar uThnaa

bulaanaa chalaanaa

biir bulaanaa

nikaT bulaanaa

galaa bulaanaa

girebaa.n paka.D ke laanaa


haath paka.D kar khii.nchnaa

jiv paka.D kar rahnaa

peT paka.D kar ha.nsnaa

laugh loudly and long

haat suu.n bulaanaa

mehamaan bulaanaa

invite guests

gardan paka.D kar nikalvaa denaa

gardan paka.D kar uThvaa denaa

lo.Daa paka.D ke rah jaanaa

peT paka.D kar bhaagnaa

be greatly shocked, run nervously

kamar paka.D ke uThnaa

become very weak

sar paka.D kar baiThnaa

kamar paka.D ke chalnaa

jabiin paka.D kar baiThnaa

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zabardastii paka.D bulaanaa

ज़बर्दस्ती पकड़ बुलानाزَبَرْدَسْتی پَکَڑْ بُلانا


ज़बर्दस्ती पकड़ बुलाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • सरकारी बल द्वारा गिरफ़्तार करा के बुलाना, बिना सहमति के दबाव के द्वारा बुलवा लेना

زَبَرْدَسْتی پَکَڑْ بُلانا کے اردو معانی


  • حکومت کے زور سے گرفتار کراکے بُلانا، بِلا مرضی دباؤ کے ذریعہ بُلوا لینا

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zabardastii paka.D bulaanaa

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