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zabaan ta.Daaq pa.Daaq chalnaa

talk fast, be facile, speak too much or impertinently

zabaan ta.Daaq pa.Daaq chalaanaa

ta.Daaq pa.Daaq

insolently, arrogantly, boldly

ta.Daaq pa.Daaq par aamaada honaa


zabaan qai.nchii kii tarah chalnaa

qai.nchii kii tarah zabaan chalnaa

qai.nchii sii zabaan chalnaa

talk fast, prate

zabaan qai.nchii sii chalnaa

talk fast, be talkative

zabaan far-far chalnaa

saaf zabaan chalnaa


zabaan katarnii kii tarah chalnaa

zabaan KHanjar kii tarah chalnaa


loud sound of a whip


a clap (of sound), sound of a cracker or gunfire, sound of something falling with force or breaking

zabaan katarnii sii chalnaa

talk fast, be talkative


whack, crash, sound of stroke, blow or beating

pa.Daaq se

ta.Daaq se



ta.Daaq se javaab denaa


zabaan ta.D ta.D chalaanaa

miqraaz kii tarah zubaan chalnaa

speak loudly, continue talking by interrupted another one


address rudely or disrespectfully, wrangle, abuse

tom ta.Daaq kii lenaa

ta.Daaq se bol uThnaa

zubaan chalnaa

to argue, dispute

zabaan chalaanaa

talk too much, be loquacious, use bad language, abuse, talk rudely


At once, without delay, quickly.

katarnii sii zubaan chalnaa

zabaan se zabaan la.Dnaa

zabaan par zabaan badalnaa

chhe.De.n chalnaa

lak.Diyaa.n chalnaa

chuuta.Dyo.n chalnaa

crawl, slither on the hams

gaa.n.D chalnaa chalnaa chalnaa

dau.D chalnaa

zabaan chho.Dnaa

daa.nv chalnaa

daa.ii.n chalnaa

chha.Dii chalnaa

peshvaaz chalnaa

havaa.e.n chalnaa

jhakka.D chalnaa

a storm to rage

zabaan bigaa.Dnaa

spoil one's tongue, use foul language, use wrong words or idioms

zabaan ba.Dhnaa

zabaan u.Daanaa

zabaan la.Dnaa

zabaan kaa.Dhnaa

zabaan biga.Dnaa

to become unidiomatic, (of someone) be using foul language

big.Dii zabaan

bad, obscene or rude language, tendency to use abusive language

zabaan pa.Dnaa

zabaan ma.Do.Dnaa

baa.D chalnaa

baa.Dh chalnaa

lak.Dii chalnaa

u.D chalnaa

be conceited

Meaning ofSee meaning zabaan ta.Daaq pa.Daaq chalnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

zabaan ta.Daaq pa.Daaq chalnaa

ज़बान तड़ाक़ पड़ाक़ चलनाزَبان تَڑاق پَڑاق چَلْنا


English meaning of zabaan ta.Daaq pa.Daaq chalnaa

  • talk fast, be facile, speak too much or impertinently
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ज़बान तड़ाक़ पड़ाक़ चलना के हिंदी अर्थ

  • जल्द जलद बोलना, तेज़ी-ओ-तर्रारी से कुछ कहे जाना
  • जल्दी जल्दी बोलना, बहुत अधिक या ढिठाई से बोलना

زَبان تَڑاق پَڑاق چَلْنا کے اردو معانی

  • جلد جلد بولنا ، تیزی و طراری سے کچھ کہے جانا.
  • جلد جلد بولنا، تیزی و طراری سے کچھ کہے جانا

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zabaan ta.Daaq pa.Daaq chalnaa

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