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zabaan chho.Dnaa


Abandon, Abdicate, Abstain, Avoid

zabaan se zabaan la.Dnaa

zabaan par zabaan badalnaa


tongue, language, dialect, speech

daa.Dhii chho.Dnaa

grow a beard

zabaan bigaa.Dnaa

spoil one's tongue, use foul language, use wrong words or idioms

zabaan ba.Dhnaa

zabaan u.Daanaa

zabaan la.Dnaa

zabaan kaa.Dhnaa

zabaan biga.Dnaa

to become unidiomatic, (of someone) be using foul language

big.Dii zabaan

bad, obscene or rude language, tendency to use abusive language

zabaan pa.Dnaa

zabaan ma.Do.Dnaa

ja.De.n chho.Dnaa

havaa.iyaa.n chho.Dnaa

paa.e.nche chho.Dnaa

gho.Daa chho.Dnaa

make a horse copulate with a mare, unharness a horse, gallop a horse

Daa.Dhii chho.Dnaa

ja.D chho.Dnaa

be.Daa chho.Dnaa

baa.D chho.Dnaa

phuljha.Dii chho.Dnaa

to quarrelsome, talking about riot

baa.Dh chho.Dnaa

cha.Dhnaa chho.Dnaa

qalame.n chho.Dnaa

nabze.n chho.Dnaa

zabaan hii zabaan hai

zabaan tale zabaan honaa

be fickle, not to stick to one's words

zulfe.n chho.Dnaa

raah chho.Dnaa

give way

'aadat chho.Dnaa

havaa.ii chho.Dnaa

initiate a rumour, let off firework

banduuq chho.Dnaa

dhu.aa.n chho.Dnaa

'ibaadat chho.Dnaa

abandoning the worship of God

naqsh chho.Dnaa

paa.nv chho.Dnaa

qadam chho.Dnaa

daaG chho.Dnaa

zabaan baa.ndhnaa

fiqra chho.Dnaa

shaguufa chho.Dnaa

say something surprising or humorous, introduce a new topic, say something strange to amuse

nafqa chho.Dnaa

zulf chho.Dnaa

fiqre chho.Dnaa chho.Dnaa

dam chho.Dnaa

breathe one's last, die, expire

dhandaa chho.Dnaa

parde chho.Dnaa

nishaan chho.Dnaa

andheraa chho.Dnaa

keep out of the light

guuz chho.Dnaa

a.nDaa chho.Dnaa

become so hot as to cause a kite (a bird) to leave its egg, an allusion to extreme hot weather

talvaar chho.Dnaa

to strike with the sword, to attack

daaman chho.Dnaa

teG chho.Dnaa

dhuup chho.Dnaa

dhaar chho.Dnaa

pour water in a single stream

Meaning of zabaan chho.Dnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

zabaan chho.Dnaa

ज़बान छोड़नाزَبان چھوڑْنا

Critique (zabaan chho.Dnaa)





ज़बान छोड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ज़बान पर क़ायम ना रहना, बात कह के मुकर्् जाना

زَبان چھوڑْنا کے اردو معانی


  • زبان پر قائم نہ رہنا ، بات کہہ کے مُکر جانا.

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