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vo jaane aur us kaa kaam jaane

how to get this done is entirely on him

vo jaane aur us kaa iimaan jaane

if he is conscientious he would know best how to conduct himself

farzand vo jo pand maane aur baap kaa kahnaa farz jaane

vo jaane kii gat jaane aur na jaane ko.ii

only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches

sonaa jaane kase aur aadmii jaane base

vo aur ye kaam

he can't do it, he will not do it

aap jaane.n aur aap kaa kaam

do as you like, you are responsible for what you do

vo nahii.n to us kaa bhaa.ii

if not him then someone like him

jaldii kaa kaam shaitaan kaa aur der kaa kaam rahmaan kaa

tuu jaan teraa kaam jaane

bandar kaa haal muchhandar jaane

KHudaa jaane KHudaa kaa habiib

vo din hai aur aaj kaa din hai


don't know/ don't know how

qabr kaa haal murda jaane

bhak se u.D jaane vaalaa maadda

a combustible material, an explosive

dil jaane yaa KHudaa jaane

vo kaam

tum jaano aur tumhaaraa kaam

you are responsible for everything

ko.ii kyaa jaane

who knows?

mai.n kahaa.n aur vo kahaa.n

dil kaa ghaav raanii jaane yaa raav

jaane dena

let go, overlook, excuse (a fault)

jaane do

never mind, let go of it, let it be, overlook it, forgive (him/her)

dil kii dil jaane

allaah jaane

God knows

seTh kyaa jaane saabun kaa bhaav

aadmii jaane base sonaa jaane kase

sona jaane kase aadmii jaane base

man is known by association and gold is known by touchstone, fact is known only after first-hand experience

duniyaa jaane


God knows, I don't know

KHudaa jaane

mauqa' jaane denaa

to let slip an opportunity

Gussa jaane do

dhobii ke ghar pa.Daa chor, vo kyaa luTe aur

jaane KHaaya KHatiib kaa

mauqa' ko na jaane denaa

to do work in time, do not miss the time

shanaasii kii qadr jauharii jaane

jaane bhii do

oh! never mind, oh! leave it! ignore it!

chalo jaane do

let it go! say nothing (of)

vo kaam karte ho

this is what you've done!

aa.nkh me.n mail hai aur us me.n mail nahii.n

aage kii KHudaa jaane

raam jaane

aap jaane.n aur aap kaa iimaan

it is up to your conscience

gadhaa kyaa jaane zaa'fraan kii qadr

andhaa jaane aankho.n kii saar

diin iimaan jaane

daa.ii jaane apnii haa.ii

allaah kii baate.n allaah hii jaane


coming and going, arrival and departure

juutii jaane

jaane anjaane me.n

wittingly or unwittingly

ye aur vo

KHuda kii baate.n KHuda hii jaane


unconsciously, unknowingly, unwittingly



who knows? God knows

bhaav na jaane raav

Meaning of vo jaane aur us kaa kaam jaane in English,

Hindi & Urdu

vo jaane aur us kaa kaam jaane

वो जाने और उस का काम जानेوہ جانے اَور اُس کا کام جانے

Critique (vo jaane aur us kaa kaam jaane)





English meaning of vo jaane aur us kaa kaam jaane


  • how to get this done is entirely on him

वो जाने और उस का काम जाने के हिंदी अर्थ


  • U2H translate Method Index was outside the bounds of the array.

وہ جانے اَور اُس کا کام جانے کے اردو معانی


  • ۔مقولہ۔ کام سے بری الذمہ ہونے کے لے کہتے ہیں۔ دیکھو آپ جانیں۔
  • کسی کام سے خود کو بری ّالذمہ کرنے کے لیے کہتے ہیں ، مجھ سے کوئی مطلب نہیں ، میں سبک دوش ہوں ۔

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