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turra cha.Dhnaa

turra cha.Dhaanaa

drink hemp

turra u.Daanaa

turra ba.Dhaanaa


an ornamental tassel worn in the turban, crest of a turban, something extra, something added or supplemented

phuulo.n kaa turra

turra piinaa

turra charhaanaa

turra lenaa

turra jamaanaa

turra lagaanaa

increase, add, improve

turra lagnaa


a rose bedecked on a turban

turra ye ke



cha.Dhnaa chho.Dnaa

ka.Dhaa.ii cha.Dhnaa

chaav.Dii cha.Dhnaa

to sue, file a case, become a plaintiff

jaa.Daa cha.Dhnaa

have ague or malaria, tremble, shiver (with fear)

juu.Dii cha.Dhnaa

cha.Dhnaa ba.Dhnaa

Daa.Dhii cha.Dhnaa

chau.Dii cha.Dhnaa

gho.Dii cha.Dhnaa

baa.Dh cha.Dhnaa

he.Daa cha.Dhnaa

ka.Daahii cha.Dhnaa

(of pan) be placed on fire to cook food, to frying of the dish

ha.Dak cha.Dhnaa

darjo.n cha.Dhnaa

dimaaG cha.Dhnaa

have the head turned, become proud

disaavar cha.Dhnaa

ghaavaa.n cha.Dhnaa

zid cha.Dhnaa

aa.ndhii cha.Dhnaa cha.Dhnaa

'adaalat cha.Dhnaa

to claim

tanKHvaah cha.Dhnaa

pazaava cha.Dhnaa

daa.nto.n cha.Dhnaa

chaa.nd cha.Dhnaa

new moon to appear or rise

kaa.ndhe cha.Dhnaa

mu.nh cha.Dhnaa

become someone's favourite

chhaatiyaa.n cha.Dhnaa

breasts to be very full or distended (with milk)

thuddaa cha.Dhnaa

quful cha.Dhnaa

dhakke cha.Dhnaa

mulamma' cha.Dhnaa

haa.nDii cha.Dhnaa

bhau.n cha.Dhnaa

palke.n cha.Dhnaa

eyes to spread with sorrow or anger

bhairo.n cha.Dhnaa

talk like lunatics

miThaa.ii cha.Dhnaa

to keep sweets on the tombs and graves

koTho.n cha.Dhnaa

be known, become famous, be publicized

ma.nDhe cha.Dhnaa

(of a bridegroom) ascend to the nuptial hall or bower, be married, a venture to succeed, flourish, prosper

mu.nh cha.Dhnaa

darbaar cha.Dhnaa

dhyaan cha.Dhnaa

javaanii cha.Dhnaa

attain puberty, attain the vigour of manhood, be full of youthful vigour or lust

gosht cha.Dhnaa

become fat

baadal cha.Dhnaa

Meaning of turra cha.Dhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

turra cha.Dhnaa

तुर्रा चढ़नाطُرَّہ چَڑْھنا

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तुर्रा चढ़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • भंग पीना

طُرَّہ چَڑْھنا کے اردو معانی


  • بھنگ پینا .

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