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tora lagnaa

turra lagnaa

to.Daa lagnaa

turra lagaanaa

increase, add, improve

tora to.Dnaa

tora chun.naa




custom, convention, equity, royal order, honour, respect, pride, ostentation, prudery, blandishment, meals served on the occasions of marriage, the divine way of religion

tora Dhaanaa


the arrangement or the sending out of trays of food as presents, by a noblemen, minister, rich person, a tray or dish or of various meats, a number of trays containing various dishes of food (presented by the rich on marriage and other occasions)


a woman showing too many tantrums, arrogant, proud

shar'a tuure vaalii

la.Daa.ii lagnaa

pii.De.n lagnaa

ka.Dvii lagnaa

feel bad, dislike

ka.Dvaa lagnaa

taste bitter or acrid, be displeasing

zi.D lagnaa

insist, repeat persistently, have an obsession, be obsessed

tore vaalii

prudish woman, finicky, mincing woman

dau.D lagnaa

dha.Dkaa lagnaa

be in doubt, be alarmed, be afraid

dhaa.Daa lagnaa

chha.Dii lagnaa

qadmo.n lagnaa

re.Dh lagnaa

be spoiled, defiled or worn out

jhag.Daa lagnaa

go.D lagnaa

kii.Daa lagnaa

be worm-eaten

jo.D lagnaa

chi.D lagnaa

jo.Daa lagnaa

cause to find a pair, match, equal, mate, partner

jhaa.D lagnaa

raga.D lagnaa

go.De lagnaa

ko.Daa lagnaa

maro.De lagnaa

chith.De lagnaa

chiith.De lagnaa

be reduced to penury

aa.Daa lagnaa

rag.Daa lagnaa

kuu.Daa lagnaa

liit.De lagnaa

jha.D lagnaa

jha.Dii lagnaa

rain continually

Dyau.Dh lagnaa

for a chain of events to continue

jaa.Daa lagnaa

feel cold

turra cha.Dhaanaa

drink hemp

turra u.Daanaa

turra ba.Dhaanaa

turra cha.Dhnaa

tuude ba.ndhnaa

ho.D lagnaa

hathka.Dii lagnaa

be handcuffed

ha.Dak lagnaa

ha.Dba.Dii lagnaa

hu.Dak lagnaa

dhajjiyaa.n lagnaa

be in tatters

shiqq lagnaa

numaa.ish lagnaa

da.ii lagnaa

Meaning of tora lagnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

tora lagnaa

तोरा लगनाتورَہ لَگْنا

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तोरा लगना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • ग़रूर करना, फ़ख़र करना
  • दिमाग़ होना, दिमाग़ चल जाना
  • नख़रा होना, उतरना

تورَہ لَگْنا کے اردو معانی


  • دماغ ہونا، دماغ چل جانا.
  • غرور کرنا، فخر کرنا
  • نخرا ہونا، اترنا

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