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to.De paTTii kii chunaa.ii

paTTaa tu.Daa kar bhaagnaa

free oneself and run away, escape

to.Daa pa.Dnaa

ashrafiyo.n kaa to.Daa

a purse of guineas or gold coins

muu.nchh maro.Daa, roTii to.Daa

one who is proud of eating the bread of idleness

boTii to.Daa muu.nchh maro.Daa

muuchh maro.Daa roTii to.Daa

One who is proud of eating the bread of idleness

chhallo.n kaa to.Daa


kalaa.ii kaa to.Daa

to.Daa sher karnaa

hazaar kaa to.Daa

to.Daa sher honaa tu.Daa ke bachheraa ban.naa


torn e.g. piece of paper, paper currency


a ledge extending out of a wall, eaves


scarcity, shortage

KHudaa-KHudaa kar ke kufr to.Daa

to.Daa Daalnaa

to.Daa lagnaa

to.Daa lenaa

to.Daa jaanaa


paTTii ba.ndhvaanaa


paTTii chho.Dnaa

paTTii cha.Dhaanaa

(a wound) be cleaned and bandaged

pattii pa.Dnaa

paTTii pa.Dhnaa

to be deceived

pattii jhaa.Dnaa

paTTii paka.Dnaa

be in constant attendance to an ill person

paTTii cha.Dhnaa

applying band-aid on a wound

pattii jha.Dnaa

paTTii to.Dnaa

be bedridden

paTTii pa.Dhaanaa

seduce, misguide, deceive, mislead, entrap, prevail

zahr kii paTTii cha.Dhaanaa

rassii to.Daa kar bhaagnaa

rassii tu.Daa kar bhaagnaa

ye paTTii nahii.n pa.Dhe

ye paTTii nahii.n pa.Dhii

nak to.Daa uThaanaa

paanii kaa to.Daa

scarcity of water

motiyaa kaa to.Daa

gale kaa to.Daa

to.Daa TuuTan karnaa

ruupe kaa to.Daa


crumpled, crushed, warped


conceit, arrogance, coquetry


Compound leaf.


ulTii paTTii pa.Dhaanaa

misguide, mislead, divert into wrong direction, poison the mind

chaTaa paTTii pa.Dnaa

deaths to occur in quick succession

sone kaa to.Daa

paTTii na chho.Dnaa kii paTTii na chho.Dnaa

aavaaz me.n pattii lagnaa

la.Dkaa jane biivii aur paTTii baa.ndhe.n miyaa.n

aa.nkh par paTTii baa.ndhnaa

havaa.ii paTTii

runway, air strip

paTTii baa.ndhnaa

apply a bandage

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तोड़ा-पट्टीتوڑا پَٹّی

तोड़ा-पट्टी के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग

  • चिनाई में एक ईंट की लंबाई और दूसरी की चौड़ाई मिला कर बना हुआ रद्दा

توڑا پَٹّی کے اردو معانی

اسم، مؤنث

  • چنائی میں ایک این٘ٹ کی لمبان اور دوسری کی چوڑان ملا کر بنا ہوا ردّا.

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