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tavaqqo' rakhna

expect, anticipate, have or nurse a hope


hope, expectation


hopeless, without expectation


contrary to expectation


tavaqqo' uTh jaana

hope to end

raKHna pa.Dnaa

to quarrel, to riot, to void, having resistance, having disagree

raKHna kha.Daa karnaa

put obstacles in the way, create hindrance

khu.De.nj rakhnaa

daa.Dhii rakhnaa

pachhaa.D rakhnaa

chha.Dii rakhnaa

'adaavat rakhnaa

lo.Daa rakhnaa

pag.Dii rakhnaa

Daa.Dhii rakhnaa

pa.Dhaa rakhnaa

paka.D rakhnaa

baa.Dh rakhnaa

paa.D rakhnaa

ko.Daa rakhnaa

kha.Daa rakhnaa

'ivazii rakhnaa

vaaqifiyyat rakhnaa

zulfe.n rakhnaa

farozaa.n rakhnaa

mutavahhish rakhnaa

mutavajjah rakhnaa

muvaafaqat rakhnaa

suit, agree with

muqaddam rakhnaa

prefer, give preference over, place before, put first (on the list) to give importance

vaqf rakhnaa

muqayyad rakhnaa

shaGaf rakhnaa

vadii'at rakhnaa

vaz'a rakhnaa

have a formation or built

vaq'at rakhnaa

carry weight

shu'uur rakhnaa

vaziifa rakhnaa

e'tiqaad rakhnaa

firmly believe


dabaa.e rakhnaa

qalame.n rakhnaa

jaa.iz rakhnaa

deem legal, deem justified or permissible, permit, allow, tolerate, legalize, justify, warrant rakhnaa

keep up, keep in place, preserve, make good, uphold

vujuud rakhnaa

vishvaas rakhnaa

vuruud rakhnaa

vird rakhnaa

vazn rakhnaa

carry weight

dimaaG rakhnaa

be proud

mazaaq rakhnaa

Garaz rakhnaa

be interested in, concern oneself with

shauq rakhnaa

have a taste for

qudrat rakhnaa

have power to, be able (to), wield power (over), have command (of)

qarz rakhnaa

varGalaan rakhnaa

zid rakhnaa

zindagii rakhnaa

mashq rakhnaa

qasd rakhnaa

Meaning of tavaqqo' rakhna in English,

Hindi & Urdu

tavaqqo' rakhna

तवक़्क़ो' रखनाتَوَقُّع رَکھنَا

Critique (tavaqqo' rakhna)





English meaning of tavaqqo' rakhna


तवक़्क़ो' रखना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • आशा रखना

تَوَقُّع رَکھنَا کے اردو معانی


  • امید رکھنا

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