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taGayyur paka.Dnaa


alteration, change, mutation

taGayyur denaa



causing changes, metamorphosing, flexible, non stable


one who likes change, alterations

taGayyur karnaa

change, alter, induce mutation

taGayyur honaa

be changed, be altered


substitution of a synonym


changes, alterations, upheaval, mutations, reshuffling



aa.D paka.Dnaa

gaa.Dii paka.Dnaa

ja.Dh paka.Dnaa

jhaa.D paka.Dnaa

ja.D paka.Dnaa

take root, become firmly rooted

Tho.Dii paka.Dnaa

paka.D paka.Dnaa

a.D paka.Dnaa

lak.Dii paka.Dnaa

quvvat paka.Dnaa

vuquuf paka.Dnaa

vujuud paka.Dnaa

gudaaz paka.Dnaa

daato.n paka.Dnaa

qadam paka.Dnaa

paa.nv paka.Dnaa

zid paka.Dnaa

maintain, hang back, trample on

'aadat paka.Dnaa

sa.nvaar paka.Dnaa

mauqa' paka.Dnaa

to seize the occasion, not to let slip an opportunity

'aql paka.Dnaa

mu.nh paka.Dnaa

daaman paka.Dnaa

become an adherent or follower (of)

sharf paka.Dnaa

aadmiyyat paka.Dnaa

become civilized

lachchhan paka.Dnaa

learn bad manners, degenerate

taraqqii paka.Dnaa

to get better, to increase, to grow

lazzat paka.Dnaa

naano.n paka.Dnaa

naa.o.n paka.Dnaa paka.Dnaa

to pull the bridle of a horse

tarah paka.Dnaa

mu.nh paka.Dnaa

Gairat paka.Dnaa

suud paka.Dnaa

din paka.Dnaa

shakl paka.Dnaa

assume a shape

Galatii paka.Dnaa

halq paka.Dnaa

rozii paka.Dnaa

dam paka.Dnaa

Gubaar paka.Dnaa

vatan paka.Dnaa

rivaaj paka.Dnaa

juvaa paka.Dnaa

sanad paka.Dnaa

duniyaa paka.Dnaa

mizaaj paka.Dnaa

band paka.Dnaa

Meaning of taGayyur paka.Dnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

taGayyur paka.Dnaa

तग़य्युर पकड़नाتَغَیُّر پَکَڑْنا

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तग़य्युर पकड़ना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • तबदील होजाना

تَغَیُّر پَکَڑْنا کے اردو معانی


  • تبدیل ہوجانا.

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