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tafsiir karnaa

detail, explain in clear words


explanation, commentary, appreciation


the one who is the expert of interpretation


interpretation and commentary


explanation of love, definition of love, interpretation of, or commentary on love


exposition, interpretation of the two worlds

vaazeh karnaa

explain, elucidate, give in detail

' karnaa

impose, levy

jo.D karnaa

to plot (against)

cho.Daa karnaa

soak, wet, moisten

go.Dii karnaa

tho.Daa karnaa

reduce or lessen

varzish karnaa

take physical exercise, to practice physical culture

a.ndaaza karnaa

to guess or estimate, judge, put on airs

kau.Diyaa.n karnaa

cheap selling, sell something cheap

ka.Daahii karnaa

cook anything as offering

heka.Dii karnaa

force, enforce, compel

shuddh karnaa

purification of an object according to Hindu belief, to convert into Hindu religion,

vafaadaarii karnaa

vaqf karnaa

consecrate, dedicate to pious uses

jaa.nbaazii karnaa

show heroics, show courage

'izzat karnaa

to exalt one's glory or name

ko.De-baazii karnaa

ga.nda karnaa

defile, disgrace

taa.iid karnaa

confirm, corroborate karnaa

to depend upon, belong or relate to

dha.D-dha.D karnaa

beat (a drum), make a rattling noise

vaaqi'a karnaa

make an scandal, make an happening

mun'aqid karnaa

hold, organize, convene, celebrate, to hold a meeting, to organize a program

cha.Dba.D karnaa

prate, chatter, jabber, gabble

pa.Dtaal karnaa

check, inspect, audit

ka.Dii karnaa

being strict

phak.Dii karnaa

slander or disgrace, bring bad name to someone, speak ill of someone, behave unethically and immoral

darmaa.n karnaa

to cure, to set right, to redress a grievance, to solve a problem (of someone)

ku.ndii karnaa


KHudaa.ii karnaa

play God, rule with absolute power, act like a god

ma.nzuur karnaa

grant, admit, confirm

diivaan karnaa

dil-nashii.n karnaa

lo.Daa kha.Daa karnaa

bha.D bha.D karnaa

(door) bang

nishaan-zad karnaa

mark, highlight, underline

chashm-andaaz karnaa

qaid karnaa

to make something mandatory

tasdiiq karnaa

attest, verify, authenticate, corroborate

ravaa.n karnaa

cause to flow

taqaazaa karnaa

demand, press, importune, urge

naqsh karnaa

imprint, stamp, impress strongly upon, engrave, carve, adorn with designs

qadr karnaa

to value, appreciate, esteem

ta.D-ta.D karnaa

lapa.D-lapa.D karnaa

jo.D-to.D karnaa

to do the math

'iyaadat karnaa

inquire after the health of a sick person

muta'alliq karnaa

annex, enclose, apply, attach

a.Dtalaa karnaa

take shelter

pa.Dii karnaa

stay, stop, encamp

ko.Daa karnaa

to.D karnaa

counteract, retaliate, make an adjustment, remove the effect of sorcery

Tuk.De karnaa


bhii.D karnaa

Meaning of tafsiir karnaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

tafsiir karnaa

तफ़सीर करनाتَفْسِیر کَرْنا

Critique (tafsiir karnaa)





Root word: tafsiir

English meaning of tafsiir karnaa

Arabic, Hindi - Compound Verb

  • detail, explain in clear words

तफ़सीर करना के हिंदी अर्थ

अरबी, हिंदी - यौगिक क्रिया

  • खुले शब्दों में वर्णन करना, व्याख्या करना, विस्तार से बयान करना

تَفْسِیر کَرْنا کے اردو معانی

عربی، ہندی - فعل مرکب

  • کھلے الفاظ میں بیان کرنا، کھول کر بیان کرنا، صراحۃً بیان کرنا، تصریح کرنا، تفصیل بیان کرنا

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