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taak me.n rakhnaa

keep in consideration, regard

taaq me.n rakhnaa

taak rakhnaa

to recognize, to familiar with

taak me.n honaa

taak me.n lagnaa

taak me.n lagaanaa

taak me.n baiThnaa

taak me.n rahnaa

be on the lookout for, search

mauqa' kii taak me.n honaa

to keep eye on appropriate opportunity and time

vaz' me.n rakhnaa

nazro.n me.n rakhnaa

numaa.ish me.n rakhnaa

Taa.nk rakhnaa

write or note as a memo

fiqre me.n rakhnaa

hifaazat me.n rakhnaa

to place in security or in safe custody, to guard

daKHl me.n rakhnaa

keep in possession, retain

dhoke me.n rakhnaa

keep one in a delusion, feed with false hope or promises

haafiza me.n rakhnaa

putliyo.n me.n rakhnaa

ha.nsii-KHushii me.n rakhnaa

lihaaz me.n rakhnaa

dil me.n rakhnaa

bear in mind, remember

qaabuu me.n rakhnaa

keep under control

nazar me.n rakhnaa

keep in sight, keep under one's own control

dhyaan me.n rakhnaa

shikanje me.n rakhnaa

havaalaat me.n rakhnaa

place in custody, detain (a suspected person)

chashm me.n rakhnaa

dam me.n rakhnaa

taaq me.n kau.Dii phe.nknaa

duniyaa me.n qadam rakhnaa

taaq par rakhnaa

mu.nh me.n zabaan rakhnaa

zabaan mu.nh me.n rakhnaa

be able to speak

haatho.n me.n rakhnaa

girah me.n rakhnaa

keep in one's pocket, keep, guard

muTThii me.n rakhnaa

chakkar me.n rakhnaa

me.n KHalish rakhnaa

havaa me.n rakhnaa

girah me.n baa.ndh rakhnaa

saat pardo.n me.n rakhnaa

to preserve, to behave carefully, to keep carefully

dil me.n kuduurat rakhnaa

To harbour resentment, to bear malice.

gaa.nTh me.n rakhnaa

to pocket, to have cash

aa.nkho.n me.n rakhnaa

dil me.n KHalish rakhnaa

ghar me.n paa.nv rakhnaa

dil me.n Gubaar rakhnaa

me.n jagah rakhnaa

mu.nh me.n zabaan rakhnaa

dil me.n jagah rakhnaa

dil me.n ai.nTh rakhnaa

quful kunjii me.n rakhnaa

dil muTThii me.n rakhnaa

shas-o-panj me.n rakhnaa

baalaa-e-taaq rakhnaa

set aside, do away with, forgetting completely

sadqa chauraahe me.n rakhnaa

raah-e-KHudaa me.n qadam rakhnaa

to take to the path of God, to pray

bisaat me.n rakhnaa

haajat me.n rakhnaa

keep a prisoner in lock-up

Meaning of taak me.n rakhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

taak me.n rakhnaa

ताक में रखनाتاک میں رَکْھنا

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English meaning of taak me.n rakhnaa


  • keep in consideration, regard
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ताक में रखना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • (किसी को) नज़र में रखना

تاک میں رَکْھنا کے اردو معانی


  • (کسی کو) نظر میں رکھنا.
  • ۔کسی کو نظر میں رکھنا۔

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