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siina phuulnaa

siina phulaanaa

masuu.Dhe phuulnaa

inflammation of the gums, gingivitis

shafaq phuulnaa

appearing of colours of sunset, appearing of redness in the horizon, twilight

diivaar phuulnaa

aavaaz phuulnaa

paa.nv phuulnaa

daa.nt phuulnaa


be angry or irked

mu.nh phuulnaa

shiguufa phuulnaa

shikam phuulnaa

din phuulnaa

dam phuulnaa

become breathless, pant, gasp

dil phuulnaa

shaam phuulnaa

mu.nh phuulnaa

sarso.n phuulnaa

be very happy, be delighted, mustard to blossom, to see yellow only, to set eyes on a specific scene or have fixed ideas

zabaan phuulnaa

sandal phuulnaa

baaG phuulnaa

gulzaar phuulnaa

daraKHt phuulnaa

taaza shaguufa phuulnaa

kuchliyaa.n phuulnaa

sa.njhaa phuulnaa

evening twilight to come on

KHushii me.n phuulnaa

yak-qalam phuulnaa phalnaa

diido.n me.n sarso.n phuulnaa

KHushii suu.n phuulnaa

mu.nh par shafaq phuulnaa

face be flushed with joy

le.nDii phuulnaa

to be very proud

Dhe.nDaa phuulnaa phuulnaa

saa.njh phuulnaa

saa.ns phuulnaa

gasping, breathlessness

diide me.n sarso.n phuulnaa

turfa-gul phuulnaa

kallaa phuulnaa

chhal phuulnaa

siina dha.Daknaa

aa.nkho.n me.n sarso.n phuulnaa

shiishe kii tarah phuulnaa

siina phaa.Dnaa

siina jhaa.Dnaa

siina jaka.Dnaa

chest to become filled with phlegm as in cold, influenza or pneumonia

siina pho.Dnaa

siina to.Dnaa

peT phuulnaa

(of the belly) to swell, to suffer from flatulence, be pregnant, be restless, belly to swell due to malnutrition, have something to say

KHushii se phuulnaa


the thing that is moved to one after one in the family from long time, generation to generation

fota phuulnaa

kuppe kii tarah phuulnaa

mu.nh kuppe kii tarah phuulnaa

suujnaa phuulnaa

gul phuulnaa

blossom, appear (as something new)

phuul phuulnaa


Dhaak phuulnaa

galaa phuulnaa

nargis phuulnaa

Meaning ofSee meaning siina phuulnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

siina phuulnaa

सीना फूलनाسِینَہ پُھولْنا


سِینَہ پُھولْنا کے اردو معانی


  • دل خوش ہونا ، خوشی سے پُھولے نہ سمانا .

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siina phuulnaa

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