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sher kii nazar

sher kii nazar se dekhnaa

be very stern, watch closely or angrily

sone kaa nivaala khilaanaa aur sher kii nazar se dekhnaa

to feed lavishly and keep an eagle's eye (to allude to luxurious but strictly disciplined upbringing)

sher kii pairaa.ii

sher kii tairaa.ii

sher kii kachhaar

lion's habitat

dushmanii kii nazar

shahvat kii nazar

sharaarat kii nazar

sher kii aa.nkh dekhnaa

qasaa.ii kii nazar dekhnaa

qasaa.ii kii nazar dekhnaa

tavajjoh kii nazar honaa

mohabbat kii nazar

to cast loving glances (upon), to look kindly or sweetly (upon)

ri'aayat kii nazar

sher kii KHaala

lion's aunt, cat, there are many similarities between a cat and a lion, that is why a cat is called a lion's aunt

sher kii bolii bolnaa

to vomit with a loud noise

KHudaa kii qudrat nazar aanaa

nazar kii choT

pyaar kii nazar

the eye of love, Metaphorically: the style of love, watching with love, to do love

nazar kii garmii

'inaayat kii nazar honaa

mehar kii nazar

rashk kii nazar se dekhnaa

chorii kii nazar Daalnaa

hiqaarat kii nazar nigaah se dekhnaa

daa.nt chuuhe kii nazar kar denaa

sitaara kii nazar siidhii honaa

sher kaa burqa'

allaah kaa sher

giida.D kii sau saala zindgii se sher kii aik dan kii zandgii bahtar he

nazar ko taa.Dnaa

kachhaar kaa sher

unrestrained and free lion

miTTii kaa sher

nazar kaa nazar se do-chaar honaa

nazar kaa taa'viiz

sher kaa baal

sher kaa kaan

sher kaa jhuuTaa giida.D khaa.e

sher ko lalkaarnaa

shar' kii takliif jaarii honaa

faqiirii sher kaa burqa' hai

nazar ko cha.Dh jaanaa

nazar ke saamne pa.Dnaa

nazar guzar kaa

zer ko sher karnaa

nazar se nazar la.Dnaa

nazar se nazar la.Daanaa

nazar ke muqaabil

kamaane ko bhe.D khaane ko sher

an idle person

billii kaa sher banaanaa

nazar kaa panja cha.Dhaanaa


born of tiger, the child of lion or tiger, courageous, brave


sher ke mu.nh me.n jaanaa


sher kaa mu.nh jhulasnaa

nazar me.n nazar milaanaa


bravery, daring

nazar hii nazar me.n

Meaning of sher kii nazar in English, Hindi & Urdu

sher kii nazar

शेर की नज़रشیر کی نَظَر

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شیر کی نَظَر کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • غضب آلود نگاہ ، غصّے کی نظر .

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