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vaqt vaqt kaa

temporal, of or related to an epoch

vaqt ke vaqt

on the spot, at the pivotal moment

vaqt vaqt kii raagnii

action as situation demands, acting according to situation

big.Daa vaqt

hard or lean times, poverty, penury

vaqt pa.Dnaa

times to be bad, suffer misfortune, be in distress

vaqt bigaa.Dnaa

Te.Dhaa vaqt

hard times

vaqt u.Dnaa

a.Daa vaqt

difficult time

gaa.Dhaa vaqt

difficult times

vaqt biga.Dnaa

vaqt ga.nvaanaa

spend time in waste, to wast the time


vaqt vaqt kaa raag hai

the situation is suitable according to circumstances

vaqt vaqt kii baat hai

it's the vicissitudes of time!


occasionally, without any stated time, at all times

a.De vaqt me.n

during the bad times

vaqt gaa.nThnaa


time, hour, period, respite, term, season, opportunity, hard times, adversity, death, occasion


from time to time, now and again


at any time, in season or out of season, at all times, at random, untimely

vaqt vaahid me.n

at once



hard times, adversity


hard times, trying time

to.D kaa vaqt

crisis, critical point or time

vaqt aan pa.Dnaa

vaqt denaa

vaqt guzaarnaa

to pass time, to kill time

vaqt gumaan.naa

vaqt dikhaanaa

vaqt dekhnaa

vaqt zaa.e' karnaa

spending time in idle pursuits, to waste time

vaqt zaa.e' honaa

waste of time

vaqt pa.De par

in time of adversity, when times are bad

ka.Daa vaqt honaa

To have a hard time.

suhaanaa-suhaanaa vaqt


cruel, tyrant of an age, times-allusion to the prince by whose order the Imam Husain was put to death at Karbala


morning and evening

zavaal kaa vaqt

time after the noon when the Sun is at the decline

vaqt kii aavaaz

need of the hour

vaqt kaa taqaazaa

dono.n vaqt milnaa

day to close and night to begin

charaaGo.n kaa vaqt


emperor of the times, present or reigning king

ga.e-guzre vaqt me.n

pichhlaa vaqt

faaltuu vaqt

spare time

pichhle vaqt

dhu.ndalke kaa vaqt

vaqt kaa ziyaa.n

waste of time

ga.e vaqt me.n

dono.n vaqt milte

at dusk

vaqt muqarrar karnaa

jha.De vaqt kii paidaa.ish

vaqt kii gardish

the vicissitude of time

vaqt qazaa honaa


Meaning of shahaanaa-vaqt in English, Hindi & Urdu


शहाना-वक़्तشَہانا وَقْت

Critique us (shahaanaa-vaqt)




شَہانا وَقْت کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • سہانا وقت.
  • شاہانہ وقت ، سہ پہر، شام کا وقت.

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