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sar kii aafat Talnaa

aafat Talnaa

sar se aafat Taalnaa

sar se pahaa.D Talnaa

sar se Talnaa

aafat kii pu.Diyaa

beauty that causes tumult, extremely beautiful, the beloved

sar se begaar Talnaa

sar se balaa Talnaa

balaa sar se Talnaa

paap sar se Talnaa

bu.Dhiyaa aafat kii pu.Diyaa

overactive and mischievous woman

aafat sar par lenaa

sar par aafat laanaa

sar par aafat lenaa

aafat kii chiiz

aafat kii

dil kii taab Talnaa

aafat kii chi.ngaarii

a cause of calamity

aafat sar par honaa

sar kii balaa Taalnaa

aafat Taalnaa

aafat kii poT

jii kii aafat

aafat kii banii huu.ii

aafat kii parkaala

gha.Dii Talnaa

fleeting of time

pheph.Daa talnaa

pahaa.D Talnaa

be delivered from a calamity, the impossible become possible, Metaphorically: the time of trouble

muqaddar Talnaa

vaa'da Talnaa

to evade a promise or agreement

sar dha.D kii baazii lagaanaa

put one's life at risk, strive very hard

taqdiir Talnaa

qazaa Talnaa

vaqt Talnaa

time to pass off


(time) to pass or elapse, be displaced, get out of the way, move, go away, disappear, pass or, be removed (danger), postpone, stay away from, keep away from (doing something), withdraw

paa.nv kii Thukraa.ii kaa sar cha.Dhnaa

ahmad kii pag.Dii mahmuud ke sar

act disorderly or unlawfully

haamid kii pag.Dii mahmuud ke sar

aafat pa.De

aafat pa.Dnaa

dam.Dii kii gu.Diyaa Takaa sar mu.nDaa.ii

dam.Dii kii bu.Dhiyaa Takaa sar mu.nDaa.ii

said when the cost of renovation or repair, etc. is more than the original price

aafat to.Dnaa

raise a tumult,terrorize, tyrannize, show extreme anger, hostility

aafat gha.Dnaa

kaale sar kii

sar kii khaanaa

mere sar kii qasam

tumhaare sar kii qasam

I swear on your head, to swear one's head, to swear with one's head

sar kii qasam khaanaa

sar kii baazii lagaanaa

kalval Talnaa

dhuup Talnaa

peshii Talnaa


intense, exacting, raging

zabardast kii laaThii sar par

sar se pahaa.D Taalnaa

pahaa.D sar se Taalnaa


astute, cunning, mischievous, calamity, disaster, din, uproar, noise, catastrophe, adversity, misfortune, mishap, problem, difficulty

zahmat Talnaa

ahmad kii balaa mahmuud ke sar

Meaning of sar kii aafat Talnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

sar kii aafat Talnaa

सर की आफ़त टलनाسَر کی آفَت ٹَلْنا

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सर की आफ़त टलना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • आई हुई मुसीबत दूर होना, तकलीफ़ से निजात मिलना , फ़र्ज़ से सुबकदोशी हासिल होना

سَر کی آفَت ٹَلْنا کے اردو معانی


  • آئی ہوئی مُصیبت دُور ہونا ، تکلیف سے نِجات مِلنا ؛ فرض سے سبکدوشی حاصل ہونا .

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