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a grant to a Brahman

sa.nklap karnaa

give alms in fulfilment of a religious vow, make a grant

jhaa.ii.n maa.ii.n kavve kii baraat

a kind of children's game in Subcontinental India

baraat cha.Dhaanaa

baraat cha.Dhnaa

he setting out of the bridegroom in procession (to the house of the bride)

jahaa.n duulha vahaa.n baraat

the men stands with his leader


'iid piichhe Tar, baraat piichhe dhau.nsa

rejoicing after the festival is over and music after the wedding

kauvvo.n kii baraat

(Kids) the crowd of cows

duulhaa-duulahn mil ga.e jhuuTii pa.Dii baraat

ma'aash sadaa-barat

cash, money that should be paid for the purpose of distributing food between the poor and travelers

maa.nge kaa taa.ngaa bu.Dhiyaa kii baraat

it is said to braggart

jahaa.n duulhaa tahaa.n baraat

baraat piichhe dhau.nsaa 'iid ke piichhe Tar

taking action when opportunity is lost

byaah nahii.n kiyaa baraat to dekhii hai.n

maa.nge par taa.ngaa aur bu.Dhiyaa kii baraat

maa.nge kaa taa.ngaa aur bu.Dhiyaa kii baraat

shab-baraat kaa gha.Daa

it is ritual among Muslims that on the day of Shabb-Barat they organize a "Fatiha' reciting and then distributed the food between beggars


alms or free food distributed daily to the poor or travellers, etc., poor house free mess

mahalle me.n aa.ii baraat pa.Dosاn ko lagii ghabraahT

to cause unreasonable nervousness


release order

darvaaze par aa.ii baraat samdhan ko lagii hagaas



the masculine of brat-dhaarnii


a vow in one's heart to do or not to do something

din 'iid shab shab-e-baraat

pancho.n mil mar ga.e goyaa ga.ii baraat

general calamity is bearable

be-duulhaa kii baraat

naa.ii kii baraat me.n Thaakur

byaah nahii.n kiyaa baraat to dekhii hai

biyaah nahii.n kiyaa baaraat to dekhii hai

observation is comparable to personal experience

shab-baraat kaa chaa.nd

the eighth month of the Arabic calendar (used in Indian subcontinent women)

byaah piichhe baraat

repenting after opportunity is lost

byaahii na baraat cha.Dhii Dolii me.n baiThii na chuu.n chuu.n hu.ii

naa.ii kii baraat me.n bhii Thaakur

everyone is respected by their society

naa.iyo.n kii baraat me.n sab Thaakur hii Thaakur

din 'iid raat shab-e-baraat

allusion to a life of continuous gaiety and festivity

baaraat kaa duulhaa

the main draw of an event

baraat kii shobhaa baajaa arthii kii shobhaa ronaa

baraat me.n jaanaa


baraat kaa chhailaa saavan kaa khailaa

naa.ii kii baraat me.n sab hii Thaakur

din roz-e-'iid raat shab-e-baraat

bhus par chhaTii aur baav par baraat

it is said related to build castle in the air

duulhaa ke dum ke saath saarii baraat hai


the fifteenth night of the month of Shaaban, on which Muslims say prayers and make offerings in the name of deceased relatives, the eve of the 14th day of the month of sha'ban (on which a vigil is observed with prayers, feasting, illuminations an

duulhaa ke piichhe saarii baraat hai

barat kholnaa

complete fasting after eating something

barat rakhnaa

keep fast

barat lenaa

pledge to abstain from something

har din 'iid har raat shab-e-baraat


har roz roz-e-'iid har shab shab-e-baraat


(Music) one of the twenty-two types of Gamak that mixed with other rhyme due to a special process


monogamous, loyalty to wife

byaahne aa.ii baraat dulhan ko lagii hagaas

excuses on time of urgent work

naa.uu kii baraat me.n sabhii Thaakur

it is said where everyone are belonging from privilege society and there is no one to work for them

jas duulhaa tas banii baraat

har shab shab-e-baraat he har roz roz-e-'iid

happy times; palmy days, halcyon days

Meaning ofSee meaning sanklap-barat in English, Hindi & Urdu


संक्लप-ब्रतسَن٘کْلَپ بَرَت

Origin: Sanskrit

English meaning of sanklap-barat

Noun, Masculine

  • a grant to a Brahman
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संक्लप-ब्रत के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • वो दान जो ब्रहमन को बरत रखने में देव जाये, वो पन जो ब्रहमन को किया जाये

سَن٘کْلَپ بَرَت کے اردو معانی

اسم, مذکر

  • وہ صدقہ جو برہمن کو برت رکھنے میں دِیا جائے، وہ صدقہ جو برہمن کو کیا جائے

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