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raaz parde me.n honaa

parde parde me.n

parda Gaib me.n honaa

parde me.n puuchhnaa

parde me.n baiThnaa

parde me.n biThaanaa

parde me.n zarda lagaanaa

(of a purdah observing woman) indulge secretly in carnal relationship with men

parde me.n rahnaa

parde me.n shikaar khelnaa

kisii parde me.n puuchhnaa

parde me.n girda lagaanaa

laakh parde me.n rakhnaa

parde me.n suuraaKH karnaa

aasmaan zamiin ke parde me.n nahii.n

raaz faash honaa

parde chhu.Dvaanaa

parde chho.Dnaa

parda darmiyaa.n honaa

raaz zaahir honaa

parde cha.Dhaanaa

raaz pinhaa.n honaa


in veil, ambush, mysterious

raaz tasht-az-baam honaa

a secret to be disclosed or leaked out

parda faash honaa

parda darmiyaan honaa

parde badalnaa

seGa-e-raaz me.n rahnaa

to remain unknown, hidden

raaz sar-basta honaa


parde kii diivaar

parde chhuuTnaa

parde chhupnaa

parde chhuTnaa

parde kii chi.Daiya

chink, slit


privacy, veil, screen, ear-drum

raaz jalii honaa

raaz barmalaa honaa


kisii kaa parda poshiida honaa

parde Daalnaa

parde biThaanaa

to hide, conceal

parde milaanaa

(in music) to match a note

parda chaak honaa

curtain to be torn, curtain to be ragged

me.n Te.Dhaa honaa


parde ke logo parde ho

kaano.n ke parde phaa.Dnaa

me.n Te.Dh honaa

'iddat me.n honaa

nuur ke parde pa.Dnaa

me.n daaG honaa

gardish me.n honaa

me.n tho.De-tho.De honaa

muqaddar me.n honaa

dau.D-dhuup me.n honaa

paa.nv me.n be.Dii honaa

'azaab me.n honaa

havaaso.n me.n honaa

nii.nd me.n honaa

qabze me.n honaa

Meaning of raaz parde me.n honaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

raaz parde me.n honaa

राज़ पर्दे में होनाراز پَرْدے میں ہونا

Critique (raaz parde me.n honaa)





राज़ पर्दे में होना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • राज़ पोशीदा होना

راز پَرْدے میں ہونا کے اردو معانی


  • راز پوشیدہ ہونا .

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