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towards the Qibla, the fixed direction towards the Ka'bah in the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, towards the West, towards the holy Mosque of the Muslims, towards Mecca

idhar qibla udhar qabr bii KHatiija sove kidhaar

qibla kii taraf mu.nh karnaa

qibla kii taraf mu.nh honaa

mu.nh qible kii taraf phir jaanaa

qibla badalnaa

qibla ho to mu.nh na karuu.n

qibla tabdiil karnaa

change direction

qibla durust karnaa

mend one's ways


change of direction of prayer from Bait-ul-Quds (Jerusalem) to Ka'aba (Makkah) (In the beginning of Islam, Muslims offering 'Namaz' faced to Bait-ul-Quds, the Jews were satirizing it, so God reveal a verse on Prophet Mohammed during offering 'Namaz' to fa


qibla ruu honaa



anything opposite


tube, pipe, windpipe




those who turn their faces to Mecca in prayer, Mohammadans


rain cloud from west which generally showers at eastern regions of Makkah, cloud which comes from the direction of Makkah

ruKH mo.D denaa

havaa kaa ruKH mo.Dnaa

ruKH paka.Dnaa

ruKH mo.Dnaa

change direction (of vehicle, ship, aeroplane, horse, etc.)

Taayar bhalaa naa ruukh bhalaa na


monkey (women often do not consider it auspicious to call a monkey in the morning that is why they call with this word)


dukh u.Daa denaa

dukh pa.Dnaa

havaa.o.n kaa ruKH dekhnaa

havaa kaa ruKH badal denaa

maagh kaa jaa.Daa jeTh kii dhuup ba.De kasht se upje ruukh

ruKH par zaa'faraan phuulnaa

ruKH baa.ndnaa


dukh par dukh bharnaa

dukh par dukh bhugatnaa

dukh par dukh bhognaa

ruKH zard honaa

giida.D kii jab shaamat aatii hai to shahr kaa ruKH kartaa hai

someone doomed invites trouble


zamaane kaa ruKH dekhnaa

dukh ga.nvaanaa


rouge for face

havaa kaa ruKH idhar se udhar ho jaanaa

havaa kaa ruKH dekhnaa

see which way the wind is blowing, trim one's sails according to the prevailing conditions

havaa kaa ruKH pahchaan.naa

havaa kaa ruKH badlnaa

tasviir kaa duusraa ruKH

the other side of the picture

havaa kaa ruKH badal jaanaa

dard dukh baa.nTnaa


height and face, physical structure


rouge of rose-faced


having fire like red cheeks

sadaa ek ruKH naav nahii.n chaltii

time changes


a profile picture

dukh me.n dharnaa

jahaa.n ruukh nahii.n vahaa.n aranD ruukh sahii

dard dukh me.n shariik honaa

dukhiyaa dukh rove sukhiyaa kamar To.e

jahaa.n ruukh nahii.n vahaa.n aranD ruukh hai

Meaning ofSee meaning qibla-ruKH in English, Hindi & Urdu


क़िबला-रुख़قِبْلَہ رُخ

Vazn : 222

English meaning of qibla-ruKH

Persian, Arabic - Adverb

  • towards the Qibla, the fixed direction towards the Ka'bah in the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, towards the West, towards the holy Mosque of the Muslims, towards Mecca
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क़िबला-रुख़ के हिंदी अर्थ

फ़ारसी, अरबी - क्रिया-विशेषण

  • क़िबला की ओर, क़िबला की तरफ़, पश्चिम दिशा की ओर, मुसलमानों का पवित्र तीर्थ, मक्का की ओर

قِبْلَہ رُخ کے اردو معانی

فارسی، عربی - فعل متعلق

  • قبلے کی طرف، قبلے کی جانب، مسلمانوں کے نزدیک مقدس ترین مقام کعبہ شریف، جو مکہ میں واقع ہے، اس کی طرف، کعبہ کی طرف

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