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qadam dekhnaa

dam qadam dekhnaa

qadam dikhaanaa

qadmo.n kaa dekhnaa

qadam par qadam rakhnaa

qadam chho.Dnaa


qadam ba.Dhnaa

qadam biga.Dnaa

qadam ba.Dhaanaa

to cross the own limits, the put steps out from limits, to exploit

qadam ga.Dnaa

qadam la.Dkha.Daanaa

qadam to.Dnaa

qadam paka.Dnaa

qadam pa.Dnaa

qadam ukha.Dnaa

be no longer able to stand firm, (of an army) retreat


foot, foot's length (from toe to heel)

mubaarak- qadam

person whose coming is blessing

qadam denaa

qadam dharnaa


by degrees, step by step

qadam gin.naa

qadam khe.nchnaa

naa.D dekhnaa

naa.Dii dekhnaa

qadam kaa.npnaa

qadam luu.n


bear the sight of

qadam Galat pa.Dnaa


qadam-ba-qadam chalnaa

to follow, follow in (someone's) footsteps

qadam chhuunaa

dekhnaa pa.Dnaa

pa.Dat dekhnaa

qadam pahu.nchnaa

qadam sust pa.Dnaa

qadam par pa.Dnaa

ulTe qadam pa.Dnaa

to refrain from stepping into a place out of fear or shame

qadam na chho.Dnaa


wishful step

dekhnaa dikhaanaa

muqayyad dekhnaa



step by step



(of a horse) fleet, ambling


qadam-ba-qadam honaa

qadam na ba.Dhnaa

qadam na pa.Dnaa

qadam-qadam par

daaG dekhnaa

qadam-bar-qadam honaa

sho'bada dekhnaa

sho'bade dekhnaa


qadam phisalnaa

qadam nikaalnaa

go outside (from home, city, etc.)

qadam karnaa

qadam jamaanaa

engaging in a task with perseverance, make a place or shelter

Meaning of qadam dekhnaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

qadam dekhnaa

क़दम देखनाقَدَم دیکْھنا

Critique us (qadam dekhnaa)





क़दम देखना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • किसी बुज़ुर्ग, बाअज़मत या महबूब आदमी का दीदार करना, ज़यारत करना

قَدَم دیکْھنا کے اردو معانی


  • کسی بزرگ ، باعظمت یا محبوب آدمی کا دیدار کرنا ، زیارت کرنا .

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