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puraanaa KHaraa.nT

very old and experienced person

puraanaa dukh.Daa

same old grievance

puraanaa fashion

puraanaa pa.D jaanaa

become old, to age

puraanaa dhuraanaa

old and worn, age-old, used, second-hand, long-lived, defective, useless


old, ancient, time-worn, obsolete, out-of-date, antiquated, experienced, stale, rotten

puraanaa Dharaa na chho.Dnaa

persist in one's ways, keep one's evil ways

puraanaa Thiikraa aur qal'ii kii bha.Dak

mutton dressed as lamb, elderly person dressed to appear younger

juunaa puraanaa

old, worn

puraanaa ghaag


puraanaa Thiikraa

an old wife or woman

aas puraanaa

to gratify (one's) desire or longing, to fulfil the hope (of), answer the prayer (of)

bahut puraanaa


puraanaa honaa

nayaa nau din puraanaa sau din

old things are more reliable

taanaa-baanaa suut puraanaa

ghis-pis puraanaa honaa


rags, tattered or worn out clothes, worn, tattered


nayaa puraanaa honaa

nayaa-puraanaa karnaa

nayaa puraanaa ho jaanaa

nayaa nau ganDe, puraanaa chha ganDe

ghis pis ke puraanaa ho


the old days


a very old man


habitual criminal, an old rogue




low-quality old goods

chauk puuraanaa


cunning old man




old and crafty, old and experienced





puraanii haDDiyaa.n ukhe.Dnaa

puraane murde ukhe.Dnaa

puraane murde ukhaa.Dnaa

dig up old controversies

puraanii haDDii ukhe.Dnaa

talk about past events

la.Dii me.n pironaa

pass a thread through the tassel, to string (flower, etc.), unite

puraanii degchii par qala'ii kii bha.Dak

motii kii la.Diyaa.n pironaa

na.e nau daam puraane chha daam

puraane vaqto.n ke

puraane vaqto.n kii baate.n

fables of old age, old affairs or matters

siva.iyo.n naaj pironaa

na.ii nau din puraanii sau din

old things are more reliable

na.e nau daam puraane tiin daam

sadaa kii padnii urdo.n dosh

baa.ndhnaa pironaa

buDDhe baap aur puraane kap.De se sharmaanaa nahii.n chaahiye

one should not be ashamed of one's family and condition, i.e. one should always be truthful and honest

chha.Daa.e pa.Dnaa

pichhvaa.D pa.Dnaa

puraane chaavalo.n me.n mazaa hotaa hai

puraane chaavalo.n me.n mazaa hotaa hai pa.Dnaa

la.Daa.ii pa.Dnaa

get into trouble with each other, to start fight

Meaning ofSee meaning puraanaa KHaraa.nT in English, Hindi & Urdu

puraanaa KHaraa.nT

पुराना ख़राँटپُرانا خَرانٹ

Origin: Hindi

English meaning of puraanaa KHaraa.nT

Noun, Masculine

  • very old and experienced person

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पुराना ख़राँट के हिंदी अर्थ

संज्ञा, पुल्लिंग

  • बहुत बूढ़ा और अनुभवी व्यक्ति

پُرانا خَرانٹ کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • بہت بوڑھا، بہت ہی پرانا شخص، تجربہ کار

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puraanaa KHaraa.nT

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