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phaa.nsii khaanaa

phaa.nsii cha.Dhaanaa

to hang

phaa.nsii cha.Dhnaa

to be hanged till death

phaa.nsii pa.Dnaa

to be hung till death


phaa.nsii denaa

hang till death, execute, strangle, to send to gallows

phaa.nsii kha.Dii honaa

phaa.nsii dene vaalaa


phaa.nsii lagaanaa

to snare, to hang

phaa.nsii lagnaa

be choked, be hanged, get into knots

phaa.nsii paanaa

to be hanged till death

phaa.nsii maarnaa

phaa.nsii honaa

phaa.nsii kaa phandaa


gale me.n phaa.nsii honaa

phaa.nsii kaa Dor


a crime worthy of hanging



phaa.nsii kaa taKHta

gallows, alter

khaanaa khaanaa

take food, have a meal, lunch, dine

pachhaa.De.n khaanaa

writhe in agony, wallow on the ground in grief

pachhaa.Diyaa.n khaanaa

maro.Diyaa.n khaanaa

lu.Dakniyaa.n khaanaa

to roll over

gi.Dgi.Diyaa.n khaanaa

kha.Daa khaanaa


baa.D khaanaa

ko.De khaanaa

jo.D khaanaa

chaa.Dii khaanaa

mo.D khaanaa

ko.Daa khaanaa

be punished, be whipped

to.De khaanaa

jo.Daa khaanaa

phaa.De khaanaa

to.D khaanaa

khaanaa jo.Daa

jaa.Daa khaanaa

bhaa.D khaanaa

live on illegal income, money earned from pimping

phaa.D khaanaa

(of a beast) rend, devour, tear to pieces, mangle

Daa.Dhii khaanaa

haa.De khaanaa

pachhaa.De khaanaa

thappa.D khaanaa

be slapped

pachhaa.D khaanaa

chha.D khaanaa

jhi.Dkii khaanaa

thape.Daa khaanaa

be buffeted (by wind or waves)

ka.Dkii khaanaa

khaanaa ba.Dhaanaa

raga.D khaanaa

chi.D khaanaa

jhaa.Duu khaanaa

khaanaa u.Daanaa

Tuk.De khaanaa

pa.Dtaa khaanaa

determine sale-price in such a way that some profit is ensured

lu.Dhkanii khaanaa

maro.D khaanaa

khich.Dii khaanaa

Meaning of phaa.nsii khaanaa in English, Hindi & Urdu

phaa.nsii khaanaa

फाँसी खानाپھان٘سی کھانا

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फाँसी खाना के हिंदी अर्थ


  • रुक: फांसी पाना
  • किसी फंदे या हलक़े में फंस कर सांस वग़ैरा बंद होजाना, गला घुट जाना , बंद होजाना, रुकावट पैदा होना

پھان٘سی کھانا کے اردو معانی


  • رک: پھان٘سی پانا.
  • کسی پھندے یا حلقے میں پھن٘س کر سان٘س وغیرہ بند ہوجانا ، گلا گُھٹ جانا ؛ بند ہوجانا ، رکاوٹ پیدا ہونا.

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