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pahaa.D sii zindagii

a long tedious and miserable life (Specially) life after an accident or a trouble


pahaa.D sii raat

terribly long and tedius night (of separation, etc.)

pahaa.D saa

pahaa.D saa din

zindagii se mu.nh mo.Dnaa

to turn to suicide

pahaa.D kaa pahaa.D

a huge responsibility, gigantic, huge, towering

din pahaa.D saa kaTnaa

naaKHun se pahaa.D khodnaa

jhaa.D se chhuuTaa pahaa.D me.n aTkaa

out of the frying pan into the fire

pahaa.D se Takkar lenaa

take a bull by the horns, fight against heavy odds

sar se pahaa.D Taalnaa

sar se pahaa.D utaarnaa

ward off a calamity

pahaa.D sar se Taalnaa

sar se pahaa.D Talnaa

zindagii se chhuuTnaa


pahaa.D to.Dnaa

laaj kii aa.nkh pahaa.D se bhaarii

zindagii se bezaar honaa

to become disenchanted with life

zindagii se haath dhonaa

zindagii u.Dnaa

zindagii ba.Dhnaa


mountain, high hill, hill station, hill resort, difficult task

pahaa.D kaTvaanaa

pahaa.D khodnaa

pahaa.D guzarnaa

zindagii se KHafaa honaa

to become disenchanted with life

dil zindagii se sard ho jaanaa

dil zindagii se bujh jaanaa

sho'la-fishaa.n pahaa.D

a mountain or hill, typically conical, having a crater or vent through which lava, volcano hill


zindagii se haath dho baiThnaa

pahaa.D phaT pa.Dnaa

kaa.Dii ojal pahaa.D

pahaa.D TuuT pa.Dnaa

get into trouble, to suffer a lot, big trouble

kaa.Dii ojhal pahaa.D

pahaa.D par cha.Dhnaa

Climb the mountain

gha.Dii pahaa.D honaa






zindagii se aanaa

be tired or be fed up with life

zindagii dushvaar honaa

zindagii zaa.e' karnaa

zindagii zaa.e' honaa

pahaa.D din pa.Daa hai

there are many days left

pahaa.D din pa.Daa honaa

pahaa.D ulaTnaa

pahaa.D Thelnaa

pahaa.D Taalnaa

repel great trouble,

pahaa.D girnaa

be overwhelmed with troubles

pahaa.D Telnaa

pahaa.D kaaTnaa

doing hard work, working hard, Metaphorically: to suffer

pahaa.D TuuTnaa

abundance of grief and sorrow

pahaa.D uThaanaa

to perform a difficult or important task

pahaa.D honaa

something to become very difficult or burdensome

pahaa.D kaTnaa


pahaa.D Talnaa

be delivered from a calamity, the impossible become possible, Metaphorically: the time of trouble

pahaa.D Dhaanaa


sar jhaa.D mu.nh pahaa.D

unkempt, dishevelled, untidy

Meaning ofSee meaning pahaa.D sii zindagii in English, Hindi & Urdu

pahaa.D sii zindagii

पहाड़ सी ज़िंदगीپَہاڑ سی زِنْدگی

English meaning of pahaa.D sii zindagii

Persian, Hindi - Noun, Feminine

  • a long tedious and miserable life (Specially) life after an accident or a trouble
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पहाड़ सी ज़िंदगी के हिंदी अर्थ

फ़ारसी, हिंदी - संज्ञा, स्त्रीलिंग

  • लंबी ज़िंदगी, दीर्घ आयु, (विशेषतः) किसी घटना या मुसबीयत के बाद की ज़िंदगी

پَہاڑ سی زِنْدگی کے اردو معانی

فارسی، ہندی - اسم، مؤنث

  • لمبی زندگی، طویل عمر (بالخصوص) کسی حادثے یا مصبیت کے بعد کی زندگی

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pahaa.D sii zindagii

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