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the misery, or the punishment, consequent on sinning

gu.D cha.Dhaa.o to paap aur tel cha.Dhaa.o to paap

gu.D cha.Dhaa.o to paap aur til cha.Dhaa.o to paap

gu.D churaave to paap aur til churaave to paap

chhatrapati, ghaTe paap, ba.Dhe ratii

guu.D churaa.o to paap , til churaa.o to paap


paap jha.Dnaa

paap cha.Dhnaa

to be stained with sin, to sin, to commit sin

paap pa.Dnaa

paap kaa gha.Daa dhaar me.n Duubtaa hai

paap kaa gha.Daa bharnaa



dil me.n paap laanaa

zaamin na hove baap kaa, ye zaaminii ghar paap kaa


evil-minded, of corrupt intellect, sinful, ungodly, wicked, depraved, graceless

dukh u.Daa denaa

dukh pa.Dnaa

saabun di.e mail kaTe , ga.ngaa nahaa.e paap kaTe

gadhe ke khilaa.e kaa paap na pun

paap chhupaa nahii.n rahtaa

dukh par dukh bharnaa

dukh par dukh bhugatnaa

dukh par dukh bhognaa

paap maan.naa

gadhe kaa khaayaa paap me.n na pun me.n

dene kaa paap dene hii se kaTtaa hai

dukh ga.nvaanaa

paap duur karnaa

to put away sin, to wipe out sin, to pardon, grant absolution or deliverance from sin



in subjection to sin



personification of all sin

dard dukh baa.nTnaa

paap aade honaa



paap ude honaa

be punished for one's sins


any ill-omened aspect of the heavenly bodies (such as the conjunction of the sun or Budh with the moon in her last quarter),

gadhaa kaa khet khaaya, paap na pun

There is neither merit nor fault, in letting an ass to eat your field, to facilitate a worthless pers

dukh me.n dharnaa

dard dukh me.n shariik honaa

dukhiyaa dukh rove sukhiyaa kamar To.e

dukh dard kaa shariik

one who shares someone's troubles or pain, etc.

laalii paap rah jaanaa

paapii paap kaa, bhaa.ii kaa na baap kaa

the corrupt care for nothing but their vices

dukh dard ko baa.nTnaa

jis kaa paap us kaa paap

sukh maano to sukh hai , dukh maano to dukh hai , sachchaa sakhiyaa vo hai jo sukh maane na dukh


is kaa dukh dikhaave mukh


gadhe ke paap na pun

gho.Dii kii ha.nsii aur baalak kaa dukh jaanaa nahii.n pa.Dnnaa

jhuuT baraabar paap nahii.n

lying is the greatest sin

sukh ke chane achchhe dukh kaa pulaav nahii.n achchhaa

juu.n-juu.n baa.o bahe purvaa.ii tuu.n-tuu.n atii dukh paa.ii

the wound pain get extreme when the east wind blows

KHvaaja hind kaa raajaa dukh dalidar bhaajaa

khilaa.e kaa paap na pun

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पाप-दुखپاپ دُکھ

English meaning of paap-dukh

Noun, Masculine

  • the misery, or the punishment, consequent on sinning
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پاپ دُکھ کے اردو معانی

اسم، مذکر

  • گناہ کی زندگی گذارنے کے نتیجے میں سزا ملنے کا عمل ، پریشانی .

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