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ol-fol baknaa

drivel, talk nonsense, make no sense


nonsense, rant, abusive language, rude talk or drivel



errant fool

muGallazaat baknaa

vaa.ii tavaa.ii baknaa

laGv baknaa

talk nonsense

muzaKHraf baknaa

fuhsh baknaa

use dirty language, abuse, curse

fuzuul baknaa

vaahiyyaat baknaa

use foul language, talk nonsense


to prate, chatter, jabber, babble to rail (at)

vaahii-tabaahii baknaa

talking nonsense, abusing, to talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way, talking stupid

vaahii-vaahii baknaa

vaahii-tavaahii baknaa

baate.n baknaa

gaaliyaa.n baknaa

to abuse, say bad things

yaava baknaa

vaahii baknaa

useless talk, nonsense talk, lying

hazyaan baknaa

talk nonsense, rave

allam Gallam baknaa

talk nonsense

mu.nh hii mu.nh me.n baknaa

anaap shanaap baknaa

drivel, talk nonsense

kufr baknaa

blaspheme, utter profane words

KHuraafaat baknaa

talk nonsense, use abusive or vulgar language

lasht honaa pashTam baknaa


weakness of mind


madness, dim-wittedness

jo mu.nh me.n aa.e baknaa

jhuuT baknaa

puuch baknaa

poch baknaa

baknaa jhuknaa

go on blabbing, rail at, rave, scold

gaalii baknaa

abuse, call names, revile

laam kaaf baknaa

laam kaaf baknaa

use abusive language, abuse, revile

ghich pichpich baknaa

lab par baknaa

dha.Daa-dha.Dii biknaa

something to sell quickly

kau.Dii ke do-do biknaa

kau.Diyo.n ke mol biknaa

dha.Dii-dha.Dii kar ke biknaa

kau.Dii ke mol biknaa

be sold very cheap

kau.Dii ke tiin tiin biknaa

sell a dime a dozen, sell very cheap

motiyo.n ke bhaav biknaa

vote biknaa

Take-Take biknaa

sell very cheap

kachriyaa.n biknaa


haatho.n biknaa

kaa.nTo.n me.n tul ke biknaa

motiyo.n ke mol biknaa

Thiikriyo.n ke mol biknaa

(to have one's)hand full

haatho.n haath biknaa



(To Be)Sold

miTTii ke bhaa.o biknaa

mol biknaa

naam biknaa

a particular brand of goods to have good market and value

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ol-fol baknaa

ओल-फ़ोल बकनाاول فول بَکنا

English meaning of ol-fol baknaa


  • drivel, talk nonsense, make no sense
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ol-fol baknaa

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