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nazar se chhupaanaa

nazar se chhupnaa

nazro.n se chhupnaa

daa.ii se peT chhupaanaa

attempt to conceal from one who is in the know

nazar se nazar la.Dnaa

nazar se nazar la.Daanaa

nazar se nazar milaanaa

nazar se nazar milnaa

nazar se guzarnaa

to be seen, to have been read

nazar se nazar baraabar honaa

nazar kaa nazar se do-chaar honaa

achchhii nazar se dekhnaa

gandii nazar se dekhnaa

To leer, To ogle

nazar se pahchaan.naa

nazar se Gaa.ib honaa

nazar se poshiida honaa

nazar zamiin se sii denaa

nazar se giraanaa

nazar se utarnaa

nazar se bachnaa

nazar se girnaa

fall in the estimation (of)

nazar se Tapaknaa

nazar se ghaTnaa

nazar se utaarnaa

nazar se jaanaa

nazar se ghaTaanaa

nazar se sunaanaa

nazar se bachaanaa

nazar se giraa denaa

withdraw one's favour from

nazar se patthar phuuTnaa

nazaro.n me.n Gubaar chhupaanaa

sher kii nazar se dekhnaa

be very stern, watch closely or angrily

nazar se duur honaa

nazar se pinhaa.n honaa

nazar se nihaa.n honaa

rashk kii nazar se dekhnaa


considering, from this aspect

nazar se maKHfii honaa

nazar se yaas Tapaknaa

nazar se gir jaanaa

hiqaarat kii nazar nigaah se dekhnaa

'aalam nazar se nikal jaanaa

to become disinterested with the world around

nazar se ojhal honaa

nazar se na bachnaa

suu.ii gire to duur se nazar aa.e


conceal, hide, cover, obscure

chaa.nd chhupaanaa

to change like moon

mu.nh chhupaanaa

hide one's face (from), avoid meeting (someone)

dil chhupaanaa

jiiv chhupaanaa

mu.nh chhupaanaa

raaz chhupaanaa

shanaaKHt chhupaanaa

To hide your identity

'aib chhupaanaa

saath so kar mu.nh chhupaanaa

daaman me.n chhupaanaa

laakh pardo.n me.n chhupaanaa

saat pardo.n me.n chhupaanaa

sone kaa nivaala khilaanaa aur sher kii nazar se dekhnaa

to feed lavishly and keep an eagle's eye (to allude to luxurious but strictly disciplined upbringing)

daaman tale chhupaanaa

cover, screen, conceal or hide

Meaning of nazar se chhupaanaa in English,

Hindi & Urdu

nazar se chhupaanaa

नज़र से छुपानाنَظَر سے چُھپانا

Critique (nazar se chhupaanaa)





नज़र से छुपाना के हिंदी अर्थ

अकर्मक क्रिया

  • निगाहों से पोशीदा रखना, सामने ना लाना, छुपाना

نَظَر سے چُھپانا کے اردو معانی

فعل لازم

  • نگاہوں سے پوشیدہ رکھنا ، سامنے نہ لانا ، چھپانا ۔

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